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The Tea Makers party: A postmortem

The Tea Makers party: A postmortem

What a forlorn douchebag like Joe Clark has a hard time understanding is that even online, promises are your word and bond and need to be honored at all costs. That and the fact that writing under your own name doesn’t automatically make you in possession of couth or instill respect. So it goes that […]

A line in the sand

A line in the sand

In recent weeks management, more likely the think-tank that spawned the HUB, have been finding 4th floor dwellers posting pics of crashed trains, broken wagon wheels, collapsed structures most with the word “HUB” scrawled beneath. Frustrated by the crimes but with no suspects to apprehend, bosses are looking to vent. So what is public enemy […]

Lockdown in the HUB

Saw these being loaded up I right away assumed they were pens for the 4th floor newsroom. We are maximizing space, after all.

Muhammad Lila knows Toronto

Muhammad Lila knows Toronto

As part of the new The National, reporters have been putting together low-rez promos featuring themselves (all with pre-roll CBC promos, so 2 promos for your money). Claire Martin talks about the weather. Rex Murphy talks about his innovative approach to incorporating E-mail into his broadcasts. And Muhammad Lila wants you to know he’s just […]

Green Light – Program Development Series

How do new shows get chosen and developed at CBC? The public broadcaster presents two public seminars – one for radio, one for television – on Thursday, Oct. 29 and Nov. 4, at 12 noon ET. CBC employees who are free for the lunch hour are welcome to attend. On Oct. 29, at noon, look […]


Free Battle of the Gay Blades tix. Via Craigslist, which of course makes things so much more reassuring

Adding a half-hour? That was just for starters

Sophia Hadzipedros wants “sports coverage, an 11:00 p.m. program, and a weekend show” for CBC Toronto

‘I can’t seem to find “and our campaign was created using 50% recycled logos” anywhere’

Stella Artois slices and dices the Exploding Pizza.

Another fine day in Toronto

And another gang shot from Turn Up the Contrast

Get out if you still can

Get out if you still can

Rachel Nixon TIFFs while Tamils burn

Toronto radio ratings

Scrolling eye takes a good look at BBM ratings, what they mean, and what’s wrong with them.

Nonfiction #2

Depending on who you talk to, the first Nonfiction night at the Drake was a good laugh or a frivolous stab at creating a branded Toronto Media Party, the Spacing for frustrated media hacks. Maybe the whole concept is doomed. The CBC has been in a state of crisis for 70 years. I’ve never had […]

Allan takes it to the street

Allan likes to walk around Toronto and take pictures.Here are some from yesterday.Enjoy.~O

Allan: End of Sam

I live in Toronto. Allan lives in Toronto. There’s no denying it.So maybe we should write about it sometimes?Enjoy.~O It was exactly forty years ago that I worked at Sam The Record Man, after hitchhiking from Vancouver to Toronto.Just passing through, so Sam asked for a reference and I got one for him from a […]

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