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Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

5 DAYS LEFT TO GET IN YOUR BID! George’s “A Flop House” – $81.00 – SOLD at $127.50 Erin’s “Time Traveller Gingerbread” – $88.00 – SOLD at $122.50 Zaib’s “A Little Mosque” – $20.50 – SOLD at $100.00

a beating heart

a beating heart

Being Erica, Season 3 Erica Strange takes her career in publishing to the next level, becoming director of Digital Media at a public broadcaster. Intrigue ensues. After an ultimately disappointing affair with a charming TV host, she discovers that her true soul-mate is an anonymous blogger …

Erica’s Photo Booth

Erica's Photo Booth

Being Erica closes up shop for another season Tuesday night. Will it be back next year? Who knows. But the show sure went the extra mile for their fans, keeping up a “blog”, which recently showed the mesmerizing Erica totally smashed and yet still standing, explaining her “sure-fire coping recipe for immediate stress relief” (high-larious). […]

‘Being Erica’ has a LiveJournal

And she’s it’s gonna use it!

Music to listen to while sipping your Starbucks en route to your yoga class

Being Erica soundtrack exists

Erin Karpluk

“At the time when we were shooting it, I remember thinking… one of the camera guys looked at me and said: ‘This is… this is good, right?’ ”

Erica’s friend’s husband’s workplace’s sponsorship’s effect

TD takes over Being Erica for a few moments

Erica Tubbied!

Being Erica uses actual Tubby newsroom as set

There. I said it

What is Being Erica?

Why CBC wants you to watch ‘Being Erica’

Because a middlebrow American “tastemaker” of yore likes it

John Doyle

Me, I used to like Erica, but I really don’t give a rodent’s posterior about Dr. Tom. What’s happened now is that Erica’s singleton life and obsessions are not exactly compelling. And Dr. Tom is a drip. – John Doyle reviews the Being Erica season premiere

Kirstine Stewart’s Vision for CBC TV

‘his will be a big season for the CBC and for Stewart personally. CBC Television’s ratings are the least bad they’ve ever been under her watch. I wanted to ask about her vision for Life Network’

‘Product integration’ infiltrates eight CBC shows

Eight shows use some kind of product placement, but not The Border – yet

Manly, yes, but

I’m going to float a theory here that only partly amounts to riding my own hobbyhorse. Start with this photo-op artifact (Mike Cassese, Reuters) from James Moore’s announcement of the new Canadian Media Fund… on the set of Flashpoint: Flashpoint is a big manly production about a big manly topic that people, even Toronto people, use […]

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