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Medium Close-Up on “CBC News Lite”

Howard Bernstein rounds up what he and his old-tyme (anonymous) news chums are saying about the revamped The National. It’s pretty much what everyone else is saying. He also quotes a rumour that “over 700 comments came in to CBC after night one and all but 30 were negative,” 27 of which were probably written by […]

Andy Clarke

“I would argue the dumbification of CBC News represents a profound shift in the civic life of this country. What does a deliberately dumber CBC News mean for the Canadian body politic, or for civil society in this country? I ask, not because I have all the answers. I simply think it’s a subject we […]

Rick Salutin

“Let them eat sets and graphics.” -Rick Salutin, CBC’s new news is scaaary

CBC not what the boss expected

That’s the headline from The Windsor Star. “I was surprised at the layers of approval one has to go through to be able to manage,” he said. “There is an inability to turn around if there is an issue or a problem that needs fixing,” said Lacroix.

If you haven’t lost your faith yet…

Our friends may not have lost hope, but everyone else around them has. Well at least many of us who have no stake in this shit and shake our heads at the money being spent. Who are we? We are workers, we are management, we are viewers, we are listeners, but mostly we are all […]

Don’t stop believin’

CBC News Network is generating plenty of  work for the online spokesperson for CBC/Radio-Canada.

Spot The Difference – The Onion vs the New National

(via Mondoville)

Can’t Add, But So Darn Cute

Leave it to Wendy to find a new angle on a story. We have one too. Was teaching math to Wendy Mesley a waste of time? In a feature segment on last night’s The National, Wendy looked at how much the U.S. spends on NASA compared to how much it spends on education. She found […]

Editorial interference at the Tea Makers

The only Tea Makers contributor who has ever altered the sense of another contributor’s work has now cemented that right in their own exclusive hands. I’m looking at you, Alphonse Ouimet

Jim Henshaw

“Jesus fucking Christ, Wendy! You’re better than this! You already divorced this Mansbridge assclown once! What’re you doing co-signing his bullshit? You used to be one of the CBC’s best reporters. Why are you suddenly trying to become the next Samantha Bee?”

‘The CBC should know better’

“What really bugs me is the fake handoffs between national and local”

Blistering, eviscerating, relentless

The worst press CBC has received in living memory at Legion of Decency

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