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Allan: Premature Adjudication and The Tao of Tod

Submitted for your pleasure by Allan.Enjoy.~O Despite the heavy title, this is in no way intended to compete with Harry Potter.Knowlton Nash has always been the best newsman I’ve ever encountered, so smart and decent, but I never thought of him as having a sense of humour.Yet there it was on page 11 of his […]

My open application for the Presidency of CBC/Radio-Canada

to: cbc@ezi.netfrom: alphonse.ouimet@gmail.comdate: Jul 27, 2007 8:51 AM subject: My open application for the Presidency of CBC/Radio-Canada To whom it may concern: I’m the editor and publisher of the Tea Makers blog and I’d like to express my interest in the position of President and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada. I’m not a member of any board […]


I’ve written before about the illegal billboard the CBC was renting at Front and Simcoe. Well, is reporting that the massive Strombo has been taken down. I had to go see for myself:Not only had the sign been obstructing 22 windows, but the CBC had been paying $11,500 a month for the spot. Or, […]

Guest Blogger: Beancounter to succeed Burman

Sent to me by “You Know Who.”Enjoy.~O They’re gonna divide and conquer at NCAN. On Friday a new job will be posted for the Executive Director, who’s gonna be in charge of the “business” end of things. This person will work closely with Digital Platforms and Business Development (you know – “new media”) to make […]

Guest Blogger: CBC resuscitates the sexy.

Sent to me by another avid reader who was inspired by the Pretty Lady Approach.Enjoy.~O Remember Newfoundland weatherman Karl Wells? Not sexy, despite the “ass tattoo” Facebook group. He retires, and is replaced by Krysta Rudofsky. Much sexier! to host “Living NL” (they’re still trying that damned concept? argh.) She has her own FB fan […]

Guest blogger: Fox unveils its cabinet of curiosities for the fall season

Guest blogging today is Andrew Ryan, who cross-posts from the Globe and Mail’s L.A. Diary.Enjoy.~O Fox unveils its cabinet of curiosities for the fall season BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF. — Never let it be said there is no range in American television. The Fox Network began the other day with doughnuts and ended on its classiest […]

Yesterday in CBC History

Who could forget the début of the One? First airing on July 19, 2006, it gave us all something to groan about in the summertime. The contestants of The One completed their debut performances on Tuesday night, and anxiously returned to the Academy, where friendships and a budding romance between Nick and Aubrey have blossomed. […]

Officially screwed by WebSense

Officially Screwed is a website that exists to put forth a Conservative world view. It’s low on the totem pole in this genre and not part of the PMO ‘s funded Online Propaganda Effort. But occasionally they write about the CBC and now that CBCwatch is gone I take what I can get. Now if […]

Unsubstantiated rumour day

It’s Friday, and like a Facebook search for “Leah McLaren,” I have nothing for you. It looks like it’s going to be a lovely day. So why not post an unsubstantiated rumour in the comments? Your boss will be so busy doing “damage control,” you will be able to slip out to the park for […]

The Pretty Lady Approach

Sent to me by an avid reader.Enjoy.~O (take note, Kirsten!)(but why does the camera not turn off after she moves her arm?) Best response.

The death and life of great blogs

So Jowi Taylor bowed out of the Radio 2 blog with a rambling, feisty post that once again failed to generate any kind of discussion. Not even a single “Goodbye.” I had great hopes for the Radio 2 blog. It was the site’s homepage. And Jowi Taylor did The Wire. Jowi built a guitar out […]

Celebrating Our Successes (more boring administrative notes)

July is a special month for me. This blog celebrates its 2-year anniversary. It’s safe to say that when I started I had no idea of what I was doing, and 2 years later I’m not all that much closer to understanding it. Every now and then some neophyte emails me and asks me for […]

What the CBC can learn from Paris Hilton

Sent to me from a reclining J. Frank Willis.Enjoy.~O So the ratings south of the border are in, and it appears that no matter where they were broadcast, the stories of Paris Hilton broke through the ratings charts. Before you say Yccccccccccch, I want to tell about the first time I heard Frank Magid called […]

Peace in my time

Incredibly, Alan Johnston was freed this week and I was briefly reminded of the rally in Simcoe Park we held for him in May. The sun, the camaraderie, the invective, the righteousness, the pregnant women, you know what it reminded you of. Do I have to spell it out? Even Mansbridge was talking about it, […]

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