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Did Tony Burman take a job with Al-Jazeera?

About a month ago, an anonymous tipster sent me a link to what appeared to be Tony Burman’s website. It was a “coming soon” affair with enigmatic, blurry pictures of camels in the desert. Then the pictures disappeared. He was writing a column for the CBC, but it hasn’t been updated in a month.Then I […]

Download the CBC

Tessa Sproule explains how she was inspired by the Norweigans to push for the BitTorrenting of Canada’s Next Great PM. Guinevere Orvis says the point is for the “show to be as accessible as possible, to as many Canadians as possible, in the format that they want it in.”Can someone give these 2 a raise? […]

Michael Geist: CBC to release program via BitTorrent

Not to get all Tod Maffin on your asses, but:“Sources indicate that the CBC is set to become the first major North American broadcaster to freely release one of its programs without DRM using BitTorrent.“


The ghosts of Bill Murray

In the wake of the Sun’s reports of “high-flying” CBC board members comes ATI-fueled reports from La Presse that Rabinovitch spent $340,000 on travel and restaurants in his last 3 years. These accusations are totally retro. Before we had a president, we had a general manager who loved England, the Queen, and his booze. In […]

Sun: Tab soars when CBC board flies executive

Another day, another ATI request from the Sun, another revelation. This time it’s the airfares of Board members. The CBC says it has a policy allowing board members to fly executive class. The Sun points out this would seem to contradict CBC Policy 2.3.23, Appendix A.

Sun: CBC brass take shining to pricey hotels

Rabinovitch blew $4,377 of taxpayer money on a 5-day stay in a luxury hotel in Turkey, in what the CBC is calling “a very wise expenditure of our funds.”Keep those ATI requests coming in!

The worst possible news you can get

Joan and Fred, deepest condolences, from all of us.

Scrolling eye: Salvaging satellite radio

“What becomes of Sirius and XM in Canada if the American parents merge? And what does one write when no one involved wants to talk?”

The Book of the Don Valley Parkway

Welcome to Toronto, and congratulations.But you realize that this new job at CTV makes you dead to me.Dead.

Vital Compelling Probing Provocative Vigorous!

The already great CBC Archives website got a makeover recently, and with it came the ability to play longer clips. For the first time ever, (nearly) full episodes of This Hour Has Seven Days are being shown again, and it’s vigorous viewing indeed.

Welcome to Oi!

Welcome to Oi! Your CBC employee portal!by Oi! staffIf you’ve made it this far, it means you’ve clicked past the CBC policy warning that welcomes you every day, you’ve logged in to Novell, Groupwise, and Oi itself so we know without a doubt who you are, exactly what you’re doing at all times, and what […]

The Star: Are Leafs to blame for cancellation of CBC TV shows?

“The producer of MVP says she was recently warned by CBC programming director Kirstine Layfield that if the Leafs failed to make the Stanley Cup playoffs this year, the public broadcaster’s arts and entertainment division would take a $10-million hit that would put some of the network’s much-heralded new shows at risk.“

Save Our Shows

Save CBC’s Intelligence.Save Jpod.Save MVP (link coming soon). March 15 11:23am update:Save MVP.Global should save MVP.