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Another Bad Omen For "The Republic of Doyle"

First one big mistake, and now another.When you read Denis McGrath’s gleeful news that he’ll be working on upcoming scripts for the show, it becomes even more apparent that Republic of Doyle is in deep trouble.First they rip the heart out of it by removing part of the cast. Then they inject the soulless bag […]

Did Stursberg sink Intelligence to please Stephen Harper?

The Star speculates on the cancellation of Intelligence: “As one theory had it, new CBC brass under Richard Stursberg, head of English-language operations, was worried enough about the spectre of privatization under the federal Conservatives without making it worse with a show about one of Ottawa’s most secret operations: the sale of Canadian water.” Where […]

Chris Haddock goes down swinging

Yesterday this letter from Chris Haddock showed up in the London Free Press: To Bill Harris RE ‘Counter Intelligence’ (Nov. 27, story on differences of opinion between Intelligence creator Chris Haddock and the CBC): As the CBC itself has lectured me, “the only effective promotion is in the two weeks leading up to the event.” […]

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