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John Doyle

Yet if a CBC program is being murdered in the ratings by a new U.S. hit, nobody wins. Not CBC. Not the writers, actors, directors and others involved. In fact, if CBC programs meant to appeal to the widest possible audience should fail, CBC is in an even more precarious position than it is now. […]

Matthew Hays

“Canada needs Conan O’Brien, and he needs a new late-night venue. This would be a marriage made in media heaven, a win-win scenario for a brilliant comedy trailblazer and a nation in dire need of a pop-culture shot in the arm.” – Matthew Hays Memo to the CBC: Hire Conan

John Doyle

“As much as some people loathe the CBC, CBC bosses hate us more” ~ possibly written by John Doyle in Five things we learned from TV this year

“I get it. It’s television.”

The Globe and Mail writes about the brain trust behind the new CBC News Network, featuring a huffy, shrugging Peter Mansbridge in a “well-appointed office in a corner of the newsroom.”

I sometimes feel sorry for John Doyle

Why won’t John Doyle disclose where he gets his “leaked” open letters to CBC management?

Lynne Russell’s favorite car, least favorite job

Lynne Russell’s favorite car, least favorite job

CNN broadcaster Lynne Russell is profiled in Globe Auto today

The Incoherent Columnist

Another day, another Doyle column, without logical or meaningful connection; disjointed; rambling. Even trying to decipher and to write about his trivial, arrogant views is like finding the Rubik’s Cube falling apart in your hands.John wishes newspapers “good luck”, but it’s the reader that will need plenty of it to wade through his confusing arguments. […]

Patrick Watson. The, Patrick Watson.

Patrick Watson’s is not the most important voice when it comes to discussing the CBC.Yours is also important.But for more than five decades he was one of the most talented, intelligent and principled people in the building.And never afraid to think outside the box. February 28, 2009 in The Globe At a billion dollars a […]

Globe chooses “froth” with every JD column

Dunce sees the news of Erica’s move below as “symbolic”. A “top chap doing the spin” tries to talk him down. This is how easy it is to write about television.

One Dumb Broad

Blatchford admits she doesn’t have a clue.And proves it.

Cultural lows of 2008

A backwards bathrobe that has already sold 4 million since October, and been parodied by 22 Minutes.It’s either this or the worthless scribblings of John Doyle.Who cares, Just Dance!

Note to classical music fans: Get over yourselves

Doyle takes aim at Radio 2 Facebookers in today’s Globe: “The online discussion makes for interesting reading. The disdain for Canadian pop, rock and country music is crystal clear. It seems that a potential reduction of the cozy comfort zone that Radio 2 provides is making some people so mad they could just spit at […]

Stursberg vs World, Part Two

From the Globe and Mail: That’s it. The answers are “no” and “it is being sorted out.” And yet there is obviously something amiss. Maybe those complainants in News and Current affairs exaggerated. Maybe that “rancorous newsroom scrum” never happened. Maybe Stursberg was being very careful in his choice of words about “restructuring.” But there’s […]

Stursberg vs World, Part One

Every time we invite John Doyle into the building to preview our fine TV programming and enjoy some dead things on sticks he manages to write a column that makes us look like losers. Here’s pt 1 of the latest.

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