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A Journalist For Our Time

A Journalist For Our Time

In an ideal world it would be Kevin O’Leary who launched a new, bold news channel. With Jesse Hirsh as Program Director. The Star And included Daybreak with …, Late Night with …, pretty much Anytime with … Amanda Lang.

Kevin’s Dollhouse

Kevin's Dollhouse

REAL and IMAGINARY Love him or hate him, he’s easily the brightest star on CBC Television since the days of Pierre Berton and Gordon Sinclair.

From Daft To Deft

From Daft To Deft

It’s a bit stunning actually, for a channel that’s been virtually comatose since its inception, even after an expensive and failed re-branding. In a scoop by insidecbc.com, CBCNN announces that The Lang & O’Leary Exchange is being expanded to a full hour. Even better, it’s moving to a time slot where people might actually be […]

pilot project

pilot project

A perfectly good idea at the time … a show we’d love to see. But, as Amanda might say, it’s taking forever to get Kevin’s head right.

Beauty and The Best

Yes, Kevin O’Leary is beautiful. Easily the most entertaining and endearing personality to emerge at the CBC in years. The half-hour show he and Amanda Lang produce each day is the very best of all that News Network has to offer.

Amanda Lang

“Definition of a mixed blessing: a compliment from John Doyle.” – Amanda Lang on Twitter


UPDATED! with new videos A vote for Kevin is a vote for ‘the children’ … Hands down the most entertaining 30 minutes in the 24-hour News Network cycle. Smart and witty, O’Leary and Lang give every appearance of enjoying themselves while providing insight into the complex world of business. Learning and laughs, some examples from […]

who knew Business News was such a hoot

Take it the X is for … extra fun!

There’s Something About Amanda

There's Something About Amanda

… take away that scene stealer Kevin O’Leary and you begin to actually notice Amanda Lang … … and yeah, she’s an attractive woman … but it’s something else … something that quietly comes across when she’s anchoring The National … no need to send her to Afghanistan wearing a flack jacket to season her […]

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