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In her own words: McGuire on CBCNN

Transcript of interview with Jennifer McGuire

The last generation of CBC News

‘I want to mock you again for your half-assed work and lacklustre commitment. I know that each one of your skills and talents will be wasted in news content that is built on a foundation of conformity, passivity, and commitment to abandon a standard of journalism faster than anyone else in this country’

Dreaming of a Turned-On Newsworld

Dreaming of a Turned-On Newsworld

After ten years, aren’t we ready for Newsworld 2.0?

A two-hour-long news talk show is coming this fall to Newsworld

A two-hour-long news talk show is coming this fall to Newsworld

“Mark [Kelley]’s ability to engage easily with the audience makes him a natural fit for a news talk show”

Newsworld Calgary euthanized

32 casualties.Ian Morrison: “It would be a great idea to reduce the bureaucratic over-burden, particularly at senior management levels within the broadcast centre in Toronto, and to deploy such resources — to use Mr. Cruickshank’s words — for grassroots, people on the street.”

New look for Newsworld (part II)

Preliminary critiques calling Newsworld’s new look “CNN-ish” were only partly right. To be sure, there are a lot of similarities there. For the CBC, there are now more things on the screen, and more things moving on the screen. The differences, it seems, are in the details. Gone are the rounded corners, fades, and purple […]

New look for Newsworld

Newsworld subscribers and those prone to epileptic seizures may want to mark January 9th on their calendars. That’s the launch date for the on-air rebranding of Newsworld. Preliminary critiques call the new graphics “CNN-ish,” with a wealth of bombastic transitions, spinning doohickeys, dramatic flourishes, import-signifying curlicues, pulsating gewgaws, and information-bearing whirling dervishes, enough to consistently […]