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Spitting image?

(This graphic has been removed. Here’s why.)

Thirty Metre Zone

The forecast calls for a bun in the oven for this weather vixen. Who’s the father? Who cares? Just as long as she can keep rocking the body stocking and over-the-baby belt. You go, girl!Jeannie Lee is still dogged by rumours that she’s entirely constructed of wood. Her deadpan delivery of bizarre puns and unfunny […]

Saying goodbye to Jerome and Rusty

That’s not nearly as bad as Globe and Mail readers lead me to believe. Sure, it’s some cheap laughs. Barely. Which is why no one complained when it it aired the first time around. Now, I like history. Nostalgia, on the other hand, is cheap and schmaltzy and should be deflated at every opportunity. I […]

The National Post gets kind of creepy

The unnecessary closeup of a CBC executive. Staring straight at you. The slightly parted, red lips. The romantic lighting. The “thoughts and jots” on one side. The “delicious donut delights” on the other. Someone at the National Post needs a girlfriend. Thanks to Johnny Happypants for the scan.

My Grey Cup runneth over

Friday was one of those days where working at the CBC seemed like the best job in the world. Paul Gorbould, filling in for Tod at Inside the CBC, does a great job of summing up the situation, and photographing the chaos on Front street. Who would have thought that it would only take a […]

Late for the CRTC hearing

All your media are belong to Stursberg

Today it was announced that Richard Stursberg has been made King of All Media in the CBC. As a structural change, it makes a lot of sense. There are efficiencies to be had. In the future, these 3 media lines will be more converged anyways. We’re seeing it already. And while they say that “there […]

Dropping a disc is against the law

The Hour blog is running a guerrilla marketing campaign called Operation Disc Drop. Viewers are encouraged to burn a CD of their favourite music, label it “DISC DROP –,” leave it in a public place, and then report back to the Hour blog to tell everyone where the CD is. If you find a […]

Winter sked launch

Looking for the discussion on the unveiling of the winter schedule?It started without you.Here’s Allan’s take on it:Enjoy~O How does anything in the new slate of TV shows “re-define” the CBC, let alone broadcasting?Everything looked like the CBC did ten years ago or more. Just the same old same old.Where was there any indication of […]

TBC bicycle thief still at large

I wrote about this guy more than a year ago, and we even got some tips. But he’s either very dumb, very desperate, or very ballsy, because according to reports emailed to me, he’s still at it. They didn’t get him on tape this time. Maybe the camera wasn’t turned on? These pictures are from […]

What happened to Dan Bjarnason?

At the end of Dan Bjarnason’s report on post traumatic stress disorder for Sunday, Evan said: One more note about that story and a different tenor. That was Dan Bjarnason’s final story for CBC News. After a distinguished career spanning more than 30 years, Dan’s been a wonderful colleague, a mentor and a friend to […]

Chinese democracy

All this recent talk of Communist infiltration is making bloggers giddy. Here’s one from Stephen Taylor: In another post, Taylor asks an excellent question. Why was the Chinese angle left out of a story on shoddy Chinese goods?

Ancient Chinese Wisdom vs. Modern Canadian Media

A bit of brilliance in the comments of Enik Sleastak.Enjoy.~O UPDATE: CBC-TV will air a documentary chronicling the persecution of the Falun Gong movement by the Chinese government soon, with minor changes approved by its producer. ANCIENT WISDOM: A change to appease the powerful can never serve the common good. UPDATE: CBC-TV spokesperson Jeff Keay […]

Inside the Red Wall

The sudden cancellation of Beyond the Red Wall: The Persecution of Falun Gong got noticed by the New York Times today. John Cruickshank, who is in charge of CBC news operations, said: “I’m happy we didn’t air it. I’m happy we stepped into the process. In the end, we got the journalism right.” Happy? “Got […]