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Silence of the Lambs: Mercer, Stroumboulopoulos, Ghomeshi

Silence of the Lambs: Mercer, Stroumboulopoulos, Ghomeshi

Strangely quiet

Is that Rick Mercer or the Joker?

Magnetic North Theatre Festival banner

Posted by Justin Stayshyn to Twitter.

Jesse Hirsh on Rick Mercer

“Contrast this with our primary political satirist, Rick Mercer, and you can see why the Harper government is able to be as arrogant and aloof as it has. Rather than really go after the political establishment, Mercer seems more interested in kissing their ass.” – comment by Jesse Hirsh in Canadian Democracy in Crisis: A Challenge […]

In Bizarro World, The CBC Is Ironically Still Called The CBC

In Bizarro World, The CBC Is Ironically Still Called The CBC

Are you not familar with Bizarro world ?  Perhaps you should watch the clip I posted. We always complain about ‘the usuals’  at the CBC.  The offenders of boring shows that rely on American B-list celebrities or the no-talent hacks that make it on the air and stay there, because the CBC is like a girlfriend that […]


“You’re on notice, Olympic Torch. If I wanted to see a bunch of dudes following a flame I’d just tag along with Mercer’s entourage.” – petermansbridg via Twitter

Stay informed – stay upright!

From the Mercer Report on YouTube. Comment from skinnydipper08: “I can’t wait until the CBC interviews Rick Hansen.”

That Rick. He’s scrumptious

Excerpt from Shineboy Govani’s Boldface Names


Fake Ouimet here signing off for the year Not forever, just the year. Aaand how was your oh-eight? Mine was lousy. But the Corpse? The Corpse’s year was pretty much “the same.” It was “the new normal” post-lockout. Shutting the place down The Tories are in power but are not in quite enough power to […]

Ready Rick

Rick Mercer nails it the first time.

Being Rick Mercer

The Mercer Report starts up again this week, and Rick has a book out as well, so he’s been in full-on promotion mode. Accordingly, The Hour gave him plenty of time to shill his various projects. Rick also gave a shoutout to Posterchild’s pasteup homage, as well as its inevitable decline. He didn’t, however, talk […]

Making mincemeat out of Mercer

God bless the CBC press clippers. For those of you who don’t know who I’m talking about, let me explain. Every morning the CBC press clippers wake up very early and read all the newspapers and magazines in Canada. English and French. They carefully clip every article that mentions the CBC and self-publish the results […]

"They should not be fired"

Rick Mercer is really on a roll lately. If you’ve given up on him, you might want to tune in again and reconsider. This clip is from his show this week. I’m not sure how much the public loves CBC-related humour, but as an employee, I found this hilarious. RMR clip provided by #digitaldistractions (torrent […]