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New CMG Pres shares an unorthodox way out of the hell that is the 4th floor newsroom

New CMG Pres shares an unorthodox way out of the hell that is the 4th floor newsroom

A line in the sand

A line in the sand

In recent weeks management, more likely the think-tank that spawned the HUB, have been finding 4th floor dwellers posting pics of crashed trains, broken wagon wheels, collapsed structures most with the word “HUB” scrawled beneath. Frustrated by the crimes but with no suspects to apprehend, bosses are looking to vent. So what is public enemy […]

Whither the CMG?

We are fast approaching what could be considered CMG’s “Katrina Moment” – the point where leadership fails to recognize the magnitude of a crisis, and fails in almost every conceivable way. We’ve all read the CMG emails that come every few weeks. It’s usually the same thing written slightly differently each time. There’s the bit […]

CMG doing its part

Government commercials on CBC? A $100 million’s worth?Someone’s thinking creatively at the Guild.And reminds Hubert of promise “that the union and employees would be consulted before major changes are made.”

CMG agreement ratified

According to the CMG, the future starts now.

Breaking news: CBC CMG reach tentative agreement

CMG and CBC/Radio-Canada reach tentative agreement on new five-year deal, announced Saturday afternoon Dec 13, 2008 Happy Holidays Happy New Year – JFW The following is a joint communiqué issued today by CBC/Radio-Canada and the Canadian Media Guild (CMG). December 13, 2008 – The Canadian Media Guild and the CBC/Radio-Canada have signed a tentative agreement […]

Would-be “Toffifee Assassin” gets his job back

How hard is it to get fired from the CBC?Bob Keating tried to kill one of his listeners. He agreed that the CBC was justified in firing him.But he’s not only getting his job back, he’s getting 5 years of back pay, $100,000 of his legal costs, and the pleasure of watching the CBC get […]

Guest blogger: We few, we happy few (perhaps)

Sent to me by “Michael Williams,” in response to President Hubert’s comment.Enjoy.~O Hubert You are reading Teamakers. That’s good. Don’t give up on Teamakers, sir. The quote from Bruce Cockburn is a great analogy, but let’s go to the Bard himself. In less than a month, you’ve already been like the young King in Henry […]

Rise of the permalancers

I followed this week’s MTV “permalancers” walkout with great relish. I couldn’t help it. It reminded me of the CBC’s 2005 lockout. I know what you’re saying. “2005? That shit is ancient history!” But I can’t help it. It gave this blog a reason to exist. Without that, there would be no me. You think […]

Silent by design

A few things bothered me about that design dept video I posted Sunday. The secrecy seemed unnecessary. And why did they wait so long to make it? It was more than 1 year ago that CBC management decided to close down the department, and since then they have been working with the CMG on other […]

Is the CMG even paying attention?

Regular readers of the Tea Makers are aware that it was part of a larger wave of blogging during the 2005 CBC Lockout, when CBC blogs were the new porn. And if Tod Maffin was its Hugh Hefner, I was probably its Bob Guccione. I learned a very important lesson about blogging during that time. […]

Free pizza (also: stop the sellout)

If there’s one thing a CBCer loves more than complaining, it’s free food. You can get a bellyful of both in Simcoe Park on Thursday from noon to 2, as part of the CMG’s stop the sellout campaign. There were posters for the event all over the TBC this morning, but they seem to have […]

Lise Lareau’s 1-cent solution

God bless Lise Lareau and the CMG for finally bringing it up. Love it or hate it (and if you read this web site, you probably do a lot of both), the CBC is overmandated and underfunded, which is unfair to large parts of the audience. I’m not sure the 1-cent idea is the best […]

CMG doesn’t care about blogging people

I guess it’s great to have em around when you need em. Pat em on the head, and reprint what they write ad infinitum. Sic em on management and the company they work for, and marvel at their passion. Let em do a bit of your dirty work and legwork. Under their real names. Also […]

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