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‘The world’s most famous Muslims’

…whom I had just missed, apparently, at Word on the Street. “Aaaay!”

“This is…’ a mess

Yet another guest post from our indefatigable friend Allan, who really needs to stop sending endless nag E-mails in the tiny interregnum between submitting his posts and the time I am able to download, reformat, copy-edit, HTMLify, and post them.– Fake Ouimet CBC Radio is certainly fond of the word “this.” And it does carry […]

Boner Week (2)

I guess I spoke too soon on this one.

Reelin’ in the years (2)

We continue our voyage of discovery of the many cubic zirconia resident at CBC Archives. Because such a useful and fascinating project couldn’t possibly get its funding cut. Today, Campaigning for Canada: Every federal election campaign since the Second World War.

Boner Week (1)

A few amusing or embarrassing photos of CBC dyscaptionisms and dyschyronisms.

What’s new at Inside the CBC

“CBC Radio gets new executive director”: From a CBC News Release: – which says it all right there, but let’s continue – CBC English Services has filled the important radio leadership chair in the country with its appointment today of renowned media executive Denise Donlon as executive director of radio, effective September 29, 2008. […] […]

More to ‘The Point’

Another guest post from the man we used to see only at Christmas dinner and at funerals, Allan.– Fake Ouimet We’re all too familiar with the slippery-smooth smarmy style of Ghomeshi, and of the pitter-patter of the small ideas of George – and now comes along Aamer.I’ve not yet heard Aamer’s new show on Radio […]

Gestation of a segment on ‘Spark’

Adbusters article on hipsters: Pabst Blue Ribbon beer [is a] symbol and icon of working or revolutionary classes that [has] been appropriated by hipsterdom. Q (“cuethepodcast”) interview (MP3) with author of Adbusters article: PBR is a great example of how it was virally marketed since 2001. And people naturally just embrace it, but that’s because […]

Reelin’ in the years (1)

A trip through some of the good shit at CBC Archives. Because such a useful and fascinating project couldn’t possibly get its funding cut. (That’s CBC Archives, by the way – the site that’s almost impossible to find from the CBC homepage. I’m not talking about Archive Sales – and don’t try loading that latter […]

Test the Nation’s Eyesight

Remember that bit about how blind people couldn’t use the CBC Olympics Web site? Well, they couldn’t follow Test the Nation, either. And actually, they complain about this every time that show comes around for another airing. A couple of people on the BlindCanadians mailing list sent letters along these lines: I do have one […]

The CBC’s White Trash: Heather Mallick

By our inveterate guest bloggeur, Allan. As I’ve been officially reprimanded for having given him his own fonts and layout, you’re going to have to muddle through with “regular” fonts and layout. And? No, that isn’t a typo down there.– Fake Ouimet It’s fun to get all fired up about something. To be passionate!We could […]

Tory EuthanasiaWatchâ„¢ (1)

If the Tories get back in, are they going to shitcan the Corpse or not? A poll carried out by the Conservative Party suggests the answer is yes. It included the tendentious statement “The CBC costs taxpayers over $1.1 billion per year.” Respondents were asked if they “think this is… a good use of taxpayer […]

Guest blogger: Will History Be Erased? Again?

Sent to us by Allan.Enjoy.~O What’s going to happen to domain name is owned by Tod Maffin, so the question is, can he afford to keep paying the rent?AND his 3 yr. iPhone contract? There’s likely no contingency plan, such as keeping several copies of the blog in safety deposit boxes scattered across various […]

Up With Senior Managers!

Greetings! Welcome back, wherever you were! And thank you for not deleting this email. What a summer it’s been! I’ve spent much of it answering emails from our friends of Canadian broadcasting and traveling across the country as part of my Challenge Us! initiative. I’ve been spending time in the trenches with you folks. It’s […]

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