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Hockey Thugs Aren’t Only On The Ice

Hockey Thugs Aren't Only On The Ice

CBC Exec Threatens Globe & Mail When Don Cherry, a hero of free speech to millions, is recorded saying the word “fuck”, it is apparently a very big deal. For CBC’s Scott Moore it’s enough to make him threaten to ex-communicate the Globe & Mail if they mention having heard it. Last December, 680 News […]

In Bizarro World, The CBC Is Ironically Still Called The CBC

In Bizarro World, The CBC Is Ironically Still Called The CBC

Are you not familar with Bizarro world ?  Perhaps you should watch the clip I posted. We always complain about ‘the usuals’  at the CBC.  The offenders of boring shows that rely on American B-list celebrities or the no-talent hacks that make it on the air and stay there, because the CBC is like a girlfriend that […]

Cherry movie in the works

The Toronto Star: “After the head CBC guy read the story, he said, ‘Gee, your Dad doesn’t look very good here,’ ” the elder Cherry recalls. “Tim said, ‘I hate to say it, but that’s the way it is.’”

The madness of Don Cherry

Did anyone else see this Toronto Star readers’ poll on sports announcers? Not surprisingly, [Don] Cherry managed to finish high in the greatest number of categories: first among hockey analysts, first as the guy whose microphone is most in need of a muffler and second to TSN’s Pierre McGuire as the mouth most readers would […]

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