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One Dumb Broad

Blatchford admits she doesn’t have a clue.And proves it.

Holy Crap! It’s Joe Clark!

(11:50 pm)… feet on the desk, press the TV, flipping through the channels … Strombo re-run … Palestine news … Letterman’s shiny suit … what? … wait, I’d know that cherub face anywhere, can it really be? well, it is TVO, who else would it be? is this an American guest or is it really […]

The Denials of Strombo and Blago

A confession.Nothing fascinates me more than listening to Strombo when he’s not on the air.Away from the tele-prompter and microphone, George delivers statements so removed from the reality that surrounds him that you’d think it was a press conference with Rod Blagojevich.To wit, and witless, these gems from a recent interview: when I say “us” […]

The CBC is also a newspaper?

Why is Heather Mallick on the CBC payroll?Does she contribute anything to broadcasting?

Cultural lows of 2008

A backwards bathrobe that has already sold 4 million since October, and been parodied by 22 Minutes.It’s either this or the worthless scribblings of John Doyle.Who cares, Just Dance!

CMG agreement ratified

According to the CMG, the future starts now.

Ballet of Brutality

Mike Milbury and Don Cherry advocate for keeping fighting in hockey. Anything less would amount to a “pansification” of the sport, they say. Ombudsman Vince Carlin may be asked to decide if such flowery language is acceptable.

"one of the most respected journalists in Canada"

Great to see Patrick Brown still favouring us with his incredible reporting, as evidenced in his stories from China last night on The National. He seems to be constantly moving, and speaking with so many people. And the images are always powerful and evocative.The quintessential foreign correspondent.He earned a Master’s degree in social anthropology at […]

better than nothing

In fact, next season, we plan to broadcast several shows from Los Angeles. Oh Canada

A Calm Suspense

Fiscal year end for the CBC is still two months away.Perhaps by then President Hubert will have come clean with both staff and the public about the current state of the CBC finances.Though there is no direct reference to the CBC in today’s government budget, Hubert seems confident that everything will work out fine. He […]

Captioning for jDoyle! Stat!

CBC sends jDoyle a Week the Women Went screener MOS.

John’s Falling Star

John Cruickshank doesn’t need to think. Like his former employer, he just needs a survey. A survey that says if you move everything to Section A, circulation will increase. Watch as The Star sinks even lower with such bold ideas.

Now we have to be better than France, too

I don’t know if we should even dignify Susan Sachs’ freelance piece in the Globe with too much attention. Maybe just enough attention, which in a way is the Stursberg philosophy. The news hook is Sarkozy’s edict that French public TV will go ad-free within two years. The article ritually compares the CBC with France; […]

Bouchard’s leg

Gorbould paws through Air Farce souvenirs.

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