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Why we leak

Why we leak

I want to take a minute to talk about some ‘dispiriting’ survey results that were leaked last night. First off I take full responsibility for the leak, as I was the one who did the leaking. Or rather, someone gave them to me, and I put them online. Why did I do it? Quite frankly, […]

Jeffrey Dvorkin

“I’ve tried. Really I have. But I can’t get into the non-classical music that is played on either channel of CBC Radio. Some of it is my age – I admit that. But as a longtime radio guy, I know what works, even if I may not like it personally. But the cultural rebuffs of […]

Max Ferguson reissues biography

Max Ferguson reissues biography

Max Ferguson reissues And Now… Here’s Max in time for Christmas. Has anyone read this? What did you think? (CBC Radio clips here, to refresh your memory)

Green Light – Program Development Series

How do new shows get chosen and developed at CBC? The public broadcaster presents two public seminars – one for radio, one for television – on Thursday, Oct. 29 and Nov. 4, at 12 noon ET. CBC employees who are free for the lunch hour are welcome to attend. On Oct. 29, at noon, look […]

Crusty curmudgeon complains about R2

Yeah, I know. But this one has charts.

Toronto radio ratings

Scrolling eye takes a good look at BBM ratings, what they mean, and what’s wrong with them.

Note to classical music fans: Get over yourselves

Doyle takes aim at Radio 2 Facebookers in today’s Globe: “The online discussion makes for interesting reading. The disdain for Canadian pop, rock and country music is crystal clear. It seems that a potential reduction of the cozy comfort zone that Radio 2 provides is making some people so mad they could just spit at […]

A national day of action to save Radio 2 and the CBC Orchestra

Friday, April 11, 2008.

The Story of Q

Joe Mahoney tells the kids at Ryerson what it’s like to work on a big-time radio show. “How many of you think the CBC is a bank?”

Scrolling eye: CBC Sparks transparency

An inside look at Radio One’s Spark and its recent experiments with online collaboration. Fondue is mentioned. So is Search Engine.

Search Engine vs Anonymous

Search Engine tries to bait Anonymous. And fails.We are Anonymous.We are legion.We do not forgive.We do not forget.We know the CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices better than Jesse Brown.Expect us.

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