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All to the good

For those of you inside reading this – and I know you are legion – if you want to read lock-out and lock-in blog highlights, you can go to http://intranet/corp_en/media/ I wish I would have found it sooner. For those of you on the outside reading this, if you have a camera and are looking […]

The belly of the beast

Last week I had coffee with President and CEO Robert Rabinovitch and most of the Senior Management Committee and some other guys. Everyone in the building was invited to what was billed as an informal information session, but referred to around these parts as a “brown nose meeting.” As such, it was not well attended. […]

Reconciling yourself with Buzz Hargrove

Buzz Hargrove is the president of the Canadian Auto Workers Union. To some people this makes him an automatic ally of our informers, enlighteners, and entertainers. So as a favour he spoke at a CBC rally and donated 25g’s to thelockout fund. For all intents and purposes Buzz Hargrove is the Lord of the Thugs. […]

Turning rebellion into money

I think both sides are learning from the CBC lockout blogs, and I think other companies are, too. I think that labour disputes in the future will have fake blogs on either side, just one more tool used to get the word out and confuse, like spies and full-page newspaper ads. I think the Golden […]


I know I’m a couple days late, butlet me know if I heard this wrong: There was a rally in Simcoe Park (next to the CBC) the other day. Stursberg comes out to listen. Hot ‘n’ Spicy union members point their fingers and chant “Shame! Shame! Shame!” Stursberg beats a hasty retreat back in to […]

Why cbcwatch sucks

Here’s the truth: I discovered that site some time ago, and what hooked me was its ‘exposing the bias’ tagline. I was earnestly interested in having our bias exposed. But it only contains news stories lifted from various sources I can find elsewhere, usually accompanied with a snarky tagline. Ironically, some of the stories are […]


I guess some people picture management in this building to be currently surrounded by gold doubloons and waxing their oily mustaches over pink champagne. But the truth, of course, is much different. I’m not going to candycoat it. No one wants to be here. Everyone is telling anecdotes about having to pass their friends and […]

Where’s Bobby?

Note to All Staff: The following is for your information. Even though this note has not been sent directly to all CBC e-mail accounts, it is of particular interest to CBC staff outside of the province of Quebec and the city of Moncton. Please pass this information on to any of your colleagues who are […]

CBC News

Now, don’t get me wrong: I like the BBC as much as anyone. But this BBC news feed has simply got to go. And it will. Soon. We are working on CBC News and will have it running. Soon. Just be a patient for a little longer.

2 to 3 weeks

Rumours that the CBC is going to invite employees to cross the line and come back to work are just that: rumours. False ones.

Relentless puppetry

I had a hushed, funeral-like conversation with a colleague in the hallway the other day. Most conversations in that building are hushed and funeral-like these days. ME: ‘So the guys on the line might start a podcast’HIM: ‘O yeah? What is that again?’ I had yet another conversation with a concerned, CBC radio-loving civilian friend. […]

Bye bye Slawko

I’m surprised he stayed on this long, to be honest. I’m still not too sure why he wasn’t offered the job he wanted. Most everyone has a “kookie Ukie” story here. Personally, the man could be an ass. But that’s not a bad thing in this line of work. Regardless, he knew what he was […]


I’ve heard a few grumblings about the CBC’s web site. People are wondering why it only tells one side of the story, and why it sucks. A good question and one worth looking at. Well, it’s not a news site, for one. It’s a propaganda tool. And to be fair, so is the CMG’s […]

Why now?

Today Doyle writes: “Now, with a lockout and CBC airing almost nothing that draws viewers, it has no platform to promote what’s coming this new TV season. “It is commercial suicide. Interesting, in that he almost gets it, despite the fact that its right in front of him. You see, they were locked out now […]

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