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Watch fifth estate docs online

I’ve written before that the CBC should be offering more downloadable TV and Radio, so I was pleased to see that the 5th Estate website has quietly started posting some great documentaries for viewing in their entirety. True, you can’t save the docs and watch them later. True, not all programs are on offer. And […]

I for one welcome our new minority government overlords

Jan 25/2006 addendum:I’ve had a number of emails asking me where I got this picture. It was on page A2 of the Globe and Mail on Jan 7/2006, and I snapped a photo of it. It reminded me of an excitable blogger who found something similar on And if you just can’t get enough […]

Harper on the CBC (kind of)

This morning Anthony Germaine conflicted his interests on The House, and cornered Mr. Harper on his plans for the CBC. Harper said it was an “important institution,” but he really wants to look at the ETV mandate, and adapt it to the multi-channel universe “within reasonable budgets that we’ve laid out for the CBC in […]

The fair-weather friends of Canadian broadcasting

At the CBC, election time is the best time to get your fear on. At the same it’s hard for some of us to work up a truly frenzied lather. The Liberals failed to deliver on their promises to us, so we’re already experts in dollar-stretching and cutting. Exacerbating suspicions are the vague statements made […]

What the Conservatives will do with the CBC (if they win)

“Set up the CBC as a private share capital organizetion, provide six months of current level support as start-up capital, lay off all employees using shares in place of severance pay, and walk away.” “Appoint Conrad Black as head of the CBC.” “Even as whorisly tainted as CBC is, it wouldn’t be good to get […]

Painted Motorcycle Helmets

As many have noted, Canadian culture has been given little mention in the current election. As an employee of the CBC, I find this lamentable, but as a citizen of Canada it is understandable. The Crisis at the CBC has jumped the shark. But now the NDP has spoken up with a plan that makes […]

New look for Newsworld (part II)

Preliminary critiques calling Newsworld’s new look “CNN-ish” were only partly right. To be sure, there are a lot of similarities there. For the CBC, there are now more things on the screen, and more things moving on the screen. The differences, it seems, are in the details. Gone are the rounded corners, fades, and purple […]

Steve the Second

Hey Scarborough! Be sure to turn on CBC Radio One this Saturday at 11:30am ET, and the following 3 Saturdays after that. That’s when Steve the Second is on, made by blogging heroes Matt Watts and Joe Mahoney. It’s a post apocalyptic comedy and a sequel to Steve the First, which may or may not […]

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