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Medium Close-Up on “CBC News Lite”

Howard Bernstein rounds up what he and his old-tyme (anonymous) news chums are saying about the revamped The National. It’s pretty much what everyone else is saying. He also quotes a rumour that “over 700 comments came in to CBC after night one and all but 30 were negative,” 27 of which were probably written by […]

Remember: He’s a fashion designer now, not a gossip blogger

‘Reminder: Perez Hilton on Q tmrw’

If I Were George Stroumboulopoulos, I’d Be Banging Kirstine Layfield

A satirical tale

Rumours swirl like flakes in a November snowstorm

The “Festivus Echo Chamber Miracle in The TBC Atrium,” commonly known as the “CBC Christmas Party,” has been canceled, as have all corporate-sponsored parties from sea to sea to sea. Cuts come to CBC News on Nov. 26. Fecan’s Folly II: Richard’s RevengeThe National will be moved to 11 o’clock to make room for Stursberg’s […]

Unsubstantiated rumour day

Hi, Ouimet here. Yes, that’s right. Ouimet Classic. How have you been? You look great. Is that a new skirt? I see you finally got your monocle cleaned. It’s about time. Fake Ouimet is taking a few days off from this blog. Perhaps he’s had a couple of major health setbacks. Or maybe he’s rearranging […]

CBC.ca unblocked in China?

I’m hearing rumours that CBC.ca is unblocked in China. Can anyone out there confirm or deny?

Globe: Executive shuffle expected at CBC today

“Rumours have been flying throughout the CBC about a total integration of its English-language services. The network was guarded about any details ahead of today’s announcement, with some closer to management playing it down as ‘backroom’ management changes.”

What happened to the arts report on Montréal’s News at 6?

It disappeared last December.Members of the English arts community in Montréal complained that the CBC was cutting it’s arts coverage, and CBC Media Relations swung into action. They play dumb on the “rumour” and then suggest listeners tune in on Thursday to hear Pierre Landry, leaving out that this weekly report is replacing the daily […]

Thirty Metre Zone

The forecast calls for a bun in the oven for this weather vixen. Who’s the father? Who cares? Just as long as she can keep rocking the body stocking and over-the-baby belt. You go, girl!Jeannie Lee is still dogged by rumours that she’s entirely constructed of wood. Her deadpan delivery of bizarre puns and unfunny […]

Unsubstantiated rumour day

It’s Friday, and like a Facebook search for “Leah McLaren,” I have nothing for you. It looks like it’s going to be a lovely day. So why not post an unsubstantiated rumour in the comments? Your boss will be so busy doing “damage control,” you will be able to slip out to the park for […]

Rabinovitch planning early exit?

From Our Public Airwaves’ latest newsletter: CBC insiders say that Bob Rabinovitch is considering an early exit as corporation president before his term ends in November by taking advantage of unused annual leave. The rumour mill says Rabinovitch wants to leave early because he’s bored with the job, is a lame duck anyway and is […]

Layoff rumours

Please stop emailing them to me. Yes, I’ve heard all of them. You’d have to be deaf not to. The only reason there have been none is because there are people in offices turning the situation around at every angle, trying to figure a way out of the inevitable. Now, if you work with an […]

Green Tea

I had a surreal conversation with a friend the other day who was telling me all about the “Green Tea” blog. She (excited): “Is it you?”Me: “Of course not. I’m not that stupid.”She (disappointed): “oh.”Me: “Is it any good?”She: “Well, she’s a good writer. It’s very depressing, but it’s interesting to read what’s going on […]

2 to 3 weeks

Rumours that the CBC is going to invite employees to cross the line and come back to work are just that: rumours. False ones.

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