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Exeunt Daun Meiseneur

Bizarre Dan Misener photo

Microphone bomb

Dan Misener spots a curious message from the Idea Room, especially in light of yesterday’s false alarm.

Celebrating Our Successes (more boring administrative notes)

July is a special month for me. This blog celebrates its 2-year anniversary. It’s safe to say that when I started I had no idea of what I was doing, and 2 years later I’m not all that much closer to understanding it. Every now and then some neophyte emails me and asks me for […]

Dan (Jim)

If you’ve never seen Jim Dupree: Enthusiast, well shame on you because it’s over. They call them video podcasts, but don’t let the fancy name put you off. They’re just movie clips that you can download and watch like the good ol’ pornography you perverts are used to. CBCer Dan Misener plays know-nothing blowhard Jim […]

Pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain

One of the rules I made for the Tea Makers was that I would never write about blogging or the Tea Makers itself. Seemed to me to be a bit too self-indulgent. I would assume that readers “got it” and I would get on with writing it. But Joe Mahoney interviewed me over at his […]

No future

One of the disadvantages of being in the eye of the maelstrom was that I hardly had time to read my own blog, let alone others. So I took the time to go through every one on Tod’s list to see what was up. To my surprise, I discovered Curious Monkey was back. Back in […]

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