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The end of Dead Things on Sticks

Denis McGrath

Dead Things on Sticks finally closes down. If you had money in the Canadian Blog Deadpool, you won. Next up? Inside the CBC. As Raymi once said: the more blogs that drop out, the more room for mine. (via Mondoville)

Denis McGrath

“I am a big deal only in relative circumference.” – Denis McGrath throws his weight around.

… a Newfie walks into the CBC …

... a Newfie walks into the CBC ...

Alan Hawco and his friends had it all figured out. An idea for a TV show set in their own neighbourhood. They would write it and act in it. And they believed in themselves, that they could actually do it, and make it work. It would be an original creation, from, by and about the […]

Denis McGrath

Our entire industry could potentially go into the toilet. I’m not that Apocalyptic about my side of it because I think that, you know, I think that I’m in a good position. I create content, I make something for a living … ~  a screenwriter & blogger differentiates himself from the 600,000 other people who […]

Medium Close-Up on “CBC News Lite”

Howard Bernstein rounds up what he and his old-tyme (anonymous) news chums are saying about the revamped The National. It’s pretty much what everyone else is saying. He also quotes a rumour that “over 700 comments came in to CBC after night one and all but 30 were negative,” 27 of which were probably written by […]

Even Denis is bored with Dead Things on Sticks

If there were a Canadian Blog Deadpool, Dead Things on Sticks would now be the one to bet on

Another Bad Omen For "The Republic of Doyle"

First one big mistake, and now another.When you read Denis McGrath’s gleeful news that he’ll be working on upcoming scripts for the show, it becomes even more apparent that Republic of Doyle is in deep trouble.First they rip the heart out of it by removing part of the cast. Then they inject the soulless bag […]

Tweets of ill repute

Good morning, social media fans, and welcome back to opensource happyland. WTF! Blocked! By local television scribe and online diarist Denis McGrath! It’s a heywriterblock! It’s an outrage! What did I ever do to him? Come to think of it, he’s been distant ever since we made fun of his weight. And baldness. And criticized […]

Breaking! F.O., DMcG agree on something

Finale of Being Erica failed to suck. Mega-highlight? Bracing, treacle-cutting, minty-fresh dreamscape/office for milquetoast Erica’s new therapist. Can’t wait to see her real-world disguises in Erica’s escapades.

Not their kind of people

We’ve already been excommunicated by CBC publicists and their hired guns. Now people aren’t even telling us about fangirl screenings. Fatboy got to go, though.

Expensive U.S. properties

Here we go again: Ian Morrison is speed-dialled to lambaste the Corpse for daring to air American shows that people who aren’t Toronto intellectuals might actually watch. “We believe that the shortfall is $100 million or more, attributable to the decision last year to purchase several expensive U.S. TV properties, including Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, […]

Critiquing ‘Erica’

The ginger-Jewgirl/bat-mitzvah/karaoke episode? +1 from Fatboy, –1 from Brioux.

Changed your mind, Den(n)is?

Today: The true weapon of the critic is not to slam you; it’s the power to dismiss or ignore you. I also found it frustrating that a lot of the time when creatives in this country read a bad review, they never ever seem to see the things beyond the harsh words to the actual […]


Fake Ouimet here signing off for the year Not forever, just the year. Aaand how was your oh-eight? Mine was lousy. But the Corpse? The Corpse’s year was pretty much “the same.” It was “the new normal” post-lockout. Shutting the place down The Tories are in power but are not in quite enough power to […]

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