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Test Your Composure

Test Your Composure

Brandon Firla, Actor, “Little Mosque on the Prairie” It’s the greatest show produced by the CBC. Hokey, and yet so human, with miles of smiles. A public broadcaster enjoying, for once, being in the company of the public. Everyone who has ever participated in these “Test The Nation” shows will tell you that this is […]

Do You Think George Did Laundry On Saturday ?

Do You Think George Did Laundry On Saturday ?

Photo 1) Hosting the Haiti Telethon event – Friday 22nd. Photo 2) Hosting the Test the Nation event – Sunday 24th. Same exact outfit.  Do you think George did the laundry on Saturday ? I mean, c’mon you spend a whole Friday night in the suit under hot studio lights, running around and then you go and wear the same […]

Taping Test the Nation

Spoiler alert! It’s not live anymore.Tour guidesAlan Thicke, Deb DiGiovanni & Paul CoffeyCheerleaders & mascotsEmanuel Sandhu, Jully Black & Tommy ChongA streakerPhotos by Superflash.© All rights reserved

Test the Nation: the holding pen

Jan 21/08 9:28am addendum:Photos by Allan.Read his full report.

Test the Nation: in situ

Test the Nation will be on CBC live at 8pm on Sunday. Drop by this blog an hour beforehand, and I will have a special report from the pre-show activities. And to all the foreign bloggers arriving this weekend, “Welcome to Toronto.”

Bloggers on Test the Nation

When the nice people at Test the Nation asked me to be on the “blogger” team for the 21st century trivia edition, I was flattered. But I’m not crazy. Instead I suggested 3 others: Joe Clark, Raymi, and regular Tea Makers contributor Allan. Tell me that team wouldn’t kick some major ass? Especially in the […]