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Happy Birthday, Tea Makers

Happy Birthday, Tea Makers

The Tea Makers is 5 years old today.

On the Removal of Controversial Posts

Tea Makers Ombudsman

Greetings, Tea Makers’ readers. I hope this column finds you and your family in good health. You may have noticed the recent removal of some posts from this blog. While these eradications are understandably frustrating for readers engaging in the spirited e-dialogues contained in their appended comments, the eliminations were not taken lightly, nor done […]

F.U. silos

F.U. silos

Regular readers of this site know we opened the Truth Farm late last year to great fanfare. There’s a lot of things to love about the Truth Farm. Some things are frustrating. All of them were pointed out to me at The Tea Makers party. One truth about the Truth Farm is that it’s built on […]

The Tea Makers party: A postmortem

The Tea Makers party: A postmortem

What a forlorn douchebag like Joe Clark has a hard time understanding is that even online, promises are your word and bond and need to be honored at all costs. That and the fact that writing under your own name doesn’t automatically make you in possession of couth or instill respect. So it goes that […]


“I have to take responsibility for my own actions, even with a pseudonym … it’s one of the first things learned writing this blog.” ~ Ouimet – The Year In Review

A Complaint, Under The Constitution Of PoonGirl

  The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself. – Benjamin Franklin.     Question:  Why do The TeaMakers say this before posting ?  – “However, before pressing send, read it out loud to yourself. What would your mother think of that?” Umm, ok, I don’t care […]

The Year In Review

2009 is nearly done, and depending on where you were standing in the CBC, it was a great one or a miserable one. It was a great year for the writers of press releases, for example. Kids who got bumped from their jobs were a bit bitter. Steven and Chris came out even.

the Tea Makers page you’ve never seen

the Tea Makers page you've never seen

It’s likely you’ve never read this page. I hadn’t until last night, and I work here.

Trippin with Hubert

Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s always a pleasure to come out to beautiful Vancouver. I’m a drug user and, amongst all of the great things your city has to offer, I must tell you that you have one of the best cities in the country in which to get high. But I did not come to […]

TeaMaker Twitter Lists

As everyone knows, we’ve all gone down the tweet hole, as twitter has become the true agenda setting media, especially when it is itself, the subject of discussion. Here at The Tea Makers we’ve been playing with Twitter for a while, especially how it connects to our mission of Mirth, Mayhem, Links, & Quotes. Inspired […]

Editorial interference at the Tea Makers

The only Tea Makers contributor who has ever altered the sense of another contributor’s work has now cemented that right in their own exclusive hands. I’m looking at you, Alphonse Ouimet

Green Light – Program Development Series

How do new shows get chosen and developed at CBC? The public broadcaster presents two public seminars – one for radio, one for television – on Thursday, Oct. 29 and Nov. 4, at 12 noon ET. CBC employees who are free for the lunch hour are welcome to attend. On Oct. 29, at noon, look […]

Timeline of open letter

What happened in the creation and publication of the Open Letter to the President from Concerned CBC Staff

We’re gonna pop off on ’em!

The gloves are off comrades. A skulk of foxes has filled the vacuum left by Fake Ouimet and our mission is to pester and harass the bosses. The irony of course was that our lovely friend and seductress Alphonse Ouimet was once a boss. Maybe she’s still a boss. I never ask. She and I […]

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