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Howard Bernstein

“The first time I heard the CBC was trying to attract a more youthful audience was in 1984. The powers-that-were tried to get me to dumb down my newscast, cut the length of news stories, be more sensational. I refused then because I believed CBC viewers had expectations of high quality news and information they […]

Obvious punning headline avoided

Bye Bye shitcanned

‘Blades’ tapes Grapes japes

Don Cherry to judge Battle of the Blades

Kung Fu Tea Makers

Our latest embarrassing banner ad

Adding a half-hour? That was just for starters

Sophia Hadzipedros wants “sports coverage, an 11:00 p.m. program, and a weekend show” for CBC Toronto


Battle of CBC News at Six?

‘I can’t seem to find “and our campaign was created using 50% recycled logos” anywhere’

Stella Artois slices and dices the Exploding Pizza.

Abbreviated timeline

Toronto 18 vs. Little Mosque on the Prairie

‘Blades’ tix: A fiver

Blades tix: $5

‘A reasonably capable interviewer’

And that fanboy is Strombo

‘Driveway moments’

Miss 604 interviews Strombo

Recovering ____y?

Michael Enright at Movement Conservative–like seminars for male fatties

‘The over-50 audience was outraged’

Quotes from Rewind and Search

‘Damn you, Paparazzo!’

Pictures from Word on the Street 2009

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