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CBC vs. Government

Questionable CBC expenses might be small change compared to the Conservative government which is probably why the opposition parties warn that the Conservatives are prepping the public for the inevitable and Timothy Casgrain will explain everything to the new heritage minister when he’s damn good and ready.And not a minute before.You a-holes.

Did Stursberg sink Intelligence to please Stephen Harper?

The Star speculates on the cancellation of Intelligence: “As one theory had it, new CBC brass under Richard Stursberg, head of English-language operations, was worried enough about the spectre of privatization under the federal Conservatives without making it worse with a show about one of Ottawa’s most secret operations: the sale of Canadian water.” Where […]

I for one welcome our new minority government overlords

Jan 25/2006 addendum:I’ve had a number of emails asking me where I got this picture. It was on page A2 of the Globe and Mail on Jan 7/2006, and I snapped a photo of it. It reminded me of an excitable blogger who found something similar on CBC.ca. And if you just can’t get enough […]

Harper on the CBC (kind of)

This morning Anthony Germaine conflicted his interests on The House, and cornered Mr. Harper on his plans for the CBC. Harper said it was an “important institution,” but he really wants to look at the ETV mandate, and adapt it to the multi-channel universe “within reasonable budgets that we’ve laid out for the CBC in […]

What the Conservatives will do with the CBC (if they win)

“Set up the CBC as a private share capital organizetion, provide six months of current level support as start-up capital, lay off all employees using shares in place of severance pay, and walk away.” “Appoint Conrad Black as head of the CBC.” “Even as whorisly tainted as CBC is, it wouldn’t be good to get […]

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