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Dear Dave Jeffrey

Dave’s retiring. And here’s a slideshow

Maffin threatens to return to CBC

Maffin was in town for CBC meetings. Be very afraid?

Richard Stursburg thinks you’re stupid

“Journalists at the CBC don’t swallow this crap, but most are too busy to have time to think about what’s happening around them”

A two-hour-long news talk show is coming this fall to Newsworld

“Mark [Kelley]’s ability to engage easily with the audience makes him a natural fit for a news talk show”

Another Day

We wave flags and invite the world to our doorstep. But what do we feed them when they come inside? Content. Without a conscience and without a soul

Homer Simpson Ghost-Whispered

Corpse buys ‘Ghost Whisperer’ for late-afternoon slot

Bookninja: CBC Arts RSS, you’re dead to me!

“Someone nudge me if they ever start trying again”

John Turner

@HannahSung if you got time to read tea makers, you gots too much time…get writing! — John Turner via Twitter

Hannah Sung and the Half-Baked Tweet

“Everyone knows that when fake Twitter accounts make love, the entire Internet makes love with them”

Paul Mcgrath

“debating the pros and cons of newsroom integration is a grueling exercise”

How these ludicrous Canadian news sausages are made

We’re all reading the awesome Medium Close Up, right? So you don’t need me to point out this fascinating post on how the CBC pretends it has reporters all over the world, when they can hardly send one north of Eglinton with a camera.

fired by Robert Ouimet, rehired by Pratt

R3 sucks, but it’s supposed to suck. It’s a design feature. — fired by Robert Ouimet, rehired by Pratt in Where do brain farts go on Planet Pratt?

Connie Walker’s ethical lapse

Connie Walker of CBC News reported an off-the-record conversation

Tea Makers garners $11,668 in ad revenue

“I Got a Cheque for $11,668.” Not

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