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"Hydro" means "electricity"

Net Pub Eng joins FacebookI mean, NET PUB ENG JOINS FACEBOOK.Let’s hope this goes better than the MySpace page. Globe: Proposed amateur sport networks facing hurdlesTSN and Rogers Sportsnet might not intervene with our application, but the Score Television Network might.Come to think of it, that’s a lot of sports on TV. Lynne Russell Dialect […]

Mark your calenders

Scrolling eye: Radio 3 on iceThe evolution and tone of of Radio3 and indie rock in this country, covered rinkside by Weisblott. Become a member of the CBCAnd we’ll send you a free tote bag.Just kidding.How about a newsletter? This week on the OurThey can spell “Stroumboulopoulos” fine, but “calendar” gives them trouble. The Toronto […]

Hummer is the official vehicle of eTalk

Actually, it makes perfect sense. (photo courtesy of Joe Clark) Also, a hungover CBCer stubs his toe on air:

Guest blogger: Hubert!

Sent to me by sadforcbc.Enjoy.~O Sadforcbc here. I haven’t weighed in for a while, not since we’ve had a fresh face or two. President Hubert! Seems ! Exclamationarily ! Excited! In his new role! The new fellow is a breath of fresh air. No stuffy suit he. A down to earth human guy and a […]

The Sidecar: TV feeds my family

Cruickshank: “A temporary alliance of convenience with the Liberals” involving 2 MPs, the second one still unnamed, at least for nowI kind of wish he’d just be quiet. Bill Brioux: This Just In: Canadians Like Canadian TVSome great news for CBC-TV, as explained in Bill Brioux’s wonderful new blog.As a bonus, DMc blows a gasket […]

What happened to the arts report on Montréal’s News at 6?

It disappeared last December.Members of the English arts community in Montréal complained that the CBC was cutting it’s arts coverage, and CBC Media Relations swung into action. They play dumb on the “rumour” and then suggest listeners tune in on Thursday to hear Pierre Landry, leaving out that this weekly report is replacing the daily […]

The Sidecar: Please use your best judgment

The Hollywood Reporter: CBC board OKs Fireworks dealThe board’s take is here. BlogTO: CBC looking for the next Maria von TrappWe get our “Idol Moment” on Friday Zell to staff: “You are now exposed to the dangers of You Tube and Facebook”Chairman of the Tribune Company (L. A. Times, Chicago Tribune, etc.) removes internet content […]

The Sidebar: This too shall pass

Support Krista Erickson Facebook group126 members. Fire Krista Erickson Facebook group9 members. None of whom, I’m sure, know what it’s really like to live in a “socialist gulag.” A Gay Person of Colour comes clean (about the gay part)Who knew Test the Nation could be so liberating? Antonia Zerbisias reduced to a clichéAs part of […]

Introducing: the Sidebar

I’ve been putting links in the “Latest news” section of my sidebar for some time now. They’re usually interesting CBC-related articles that only require one line of explanation, if that. If you’ve been watching closely you’ll notice that I sometimes double back and write something about these stories. Sometimes not. But you can’t comment on […]

Test the Nation: the holding pen

Jan 21/08 9:28am addendum:Photos by Allan.Read his full report.

Test the Nation: in situ

Test the Nation will be on CBC live at 8pm on Sunday. Drop by this blog an hour beforehand, and I will have a special report from the pre-show activities. And to all the foreign bloggers arriving this weekend, “Welcome to Toronto.”

No country for old broadcasters

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated by HD? Maybe you think there aren’t enough shows to watch. Maybe you have the sneaking suspicion you’ve been suckered into buying something you don’t need. Well, you’re not alone. The only ones who are really happy about HD are the Sonys of the world, raking it in. […]

A roundup of the new CBC-TV season

Everyone keeps telling us that the American television writers strike is our chance to break through. So how did we do? The BorderJohn Doyle’s reaction: “Good looking, but simple and exaggerated.”Key promotion: Trailer tattooed to citizen’s eyeballsTheme of TBC launch party: Deep Down We Hate Ourselves, Which is Why We Criticize AmericansTV Audience: 710,000mininova torrent […]

Guest blogger: In The Court Of The Crimson Logo

Sent to us by Allan. Enjoy. ~O Does the CBC know anything about journalism?Does it even understand its own code of “Standards & Practices”?Thanks to Stephen Taylor we are led to believe that reporter Krista Erickson was the puppet master behind MP Rodriguez asking questions that went over even his own head at the Mulroney […]

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