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Protecting Your Privacy in the Digital Information Age

You have likely heard some things about the importance of managing information effectively, particularly in the context of new legislative obligations under the Access to Information Act, the Privacy Act and the Library and Archives Act. We realize that in light of the blogging guidelines hoax, the Whistleblower policy, the Access to Information policy, and […]

Tea Makers wins New York Blog Critics Award

Entire careers at the CBC have be staked and million-dollar projects have been justified upon the winning of a single award. It doesn’t even have to be an award anyone has heard of. Our HR web site, HR Under My Fingernails, won a Dalton Pen Award for Excellence in On-Line (Web Sites) Communication. Actually, Mercer […]

A rough ride for the B-Team

Have you ever watched CBC-TV and said to yourself “WTF?” Or listened to CBC Radio. Or watched CBC Newsworld. Next time it happens look at the calendar and you’ll find that it’s July or August. Probably August. Because the summertime is when the A-Team takes a much-needed vacation and leaves the reigns to the B-Team, […]

Excessive sensitivity day

I get emails from all kinds of people. I answer every one. Maybe you think a lot of them are angry, but a negative email is very rare. I think this is because people can freely criticize me in the comments of this blog, which is probably a lot more satisfying than sending a sharply-worded […]

Stursberg’s Bourne Ultimatum

Thanks Johnny.See also: Stursberg Garbage Can.

Ask your supervisor about this Tea Makers post

A number of people forwarded me a note from John Dube last Thursday, in which he outlined the CBC’s blogging guidelines. I didn’t write about it because Mr. Dube asked people not to distribute the guidelines outside of the CBC. As a courtesy to him, I didn’t say anything. Tod didn’t get that part of […]

It’s all gone Tom Long

The Star has this alarming story about longtime Tory backroomer Tom Long, whose name has been floated around as the contact man for the job of Executive Director of CBC News. He works for the headhunting firm Egon Zehnder International, which has been hired to help choose the new CBC President and CEO. And didn’t […]

Guest blogger: Infantilizing R2

Sent to me by a self-professed ‘old fart.’ She’s a retired firefighter and a welding student who listens to the CBC all day.She’s also an American, close enough to the border to get the signal.Enjoy.~O I am a regular listener of CBC R2 and a big fan of Jurgen Gothe. On weekends I tune out […]

Lazy broadcasters’ book club

Allan is reading Knowlton Nash’s Trivia Pursuit, which is out of print but available through Amazon resellers for $0.01. A good deal for you, although I don’t think Knowlton will be seeing any royalties from that sale. Paul is reading signs in the TBC, midway into a week-long series of a sign-a-day blog postings. Where […]

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