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Meritocracy Hasn’t Helped Neil Macdonald

Meritocracy Hasn't Helped Neil Macdonald

As a young reporter for The Ottawa Citizen, Neil Macdonald got a scoop about some typical federal government chicanery. The brief attention he received as a result was enough to secure him a lifetime contract with the CBC. But that was in the 1980’s when it seems that panic had set in at the Corporation […]

Several Degrees of Separation

Several Degrees of Separation

Burton Cummings has a long ways to go to catch up to George Stroumboulopoulos. But neither are anywhere near high school drop-out, now Chancellor, Peter Mansbridge. For all three, school’s out … FOREVER!

Elect The CBC

Elect The CBC

If Mesley, Mansbridge and the whole lot of them are so gung ho on public broadcasting, why don’t they quit and run for Federal office? Nothing could be easier or more effective to bolster funding for the CBC. It’s a given that celebrities are easily elected. People assume they know them almost personally. All that’s […]

Let’s go LIVE to …

Despite being in the same city at the same time, probably best to keep these two apart. Meanwhile, Charlie Brooker goes on location, and live, to cover … eh … himself. When disaster strikes anywhere in the world there’s no better place to be than a newsroom. Unless the disaster is the CBC News Network.

Current Affairs

James Wicks

I got a call from a local TV station in Miami offering me the job of primary anchor. I wasn’t sure about it. My heart was at CBC in so many ways. I turned to a close group of associates for advice and counsel. One of those that I asked was Peter Mansbridge. We met […]

Truer Words

Peter assumed the anchor desk in 1988, under what some still consider dubious circumstances. Knowlton Nash could easily have gone another 10 years, and was his superior by a mile. … and we don’t mean only the year

In Bizarro World, The CBC Is Ironically Still Called The CBC

In Bizarro World, The CBC Is Ironically Still Called The CBC

Are you not familar with Bizarro world ?  Perhaps you should watch the clip I posted. We always complain about ‘the usuals’  at the CBC.  The offenders of boring shows that rely on American B-list celebrities or the no-talent hacks that make it on the air and stay there, because the CBC is like a girlfriend that […]

Time to go, Peter

Time to go, Peter

Let’s be frank, Mr. Mansbridge. It’s over. That’s … enough. Thank you. You need not be the face of the CBC any more. We don’t need you, you’re getting on our nerves, and standing in the way of progress. You’ve served your purpose. Time to move on. We get it, you are truly a seasoned […]

“It’s television, you gotta have hair”

"It's television, you gotta have hair"

“Eh, I don’t think so” responds Peter Mansbridge in  the briefest of interviews to promote his book of interviews transcribed from work he performed and was paid for by the CBC. More enjoyable, the 45 min. lunchtime discussion alongside Rex Murphy taped at the Toronto Reference Library a month ago.

Trippin with Hubert

Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s always a pleasure to come out to beautiful Vancouver. I’m a drug user and, amongst all of the great things your city has to offer, I must tell you that you have one of the best cities in the country in which to get high. But I did not come to […]

Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

Nov. 10, noon,  Toronto Reference Library Peter pulls ye olde rabbit ears trick on buddy Rex all done!

“I get it. It’s television.”

The Globe and Mail writes about the brain trust behind the new CBC News Network, featuring a huffy, shrugging Peter Mansbridge in a “well-appointed office in a corner of the newsroom.”

Medium Close-Up on “CBC News Lite”

Howard Bernstein rounds up what he and his old-tyme (anonymous) news chums are saying about the revamped The National. It’s pretty much what everyone else is saying. He also quotes a rumour that “over 700 comments came in to CBC after night one and all but 30 were negative,” 27 of which were probably written by […]