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Billy Bob Thornton underestimated me

A re-visit, and closer look, at the misunderstanding that captured the civilized world’s attention. In this brief version, Jian Ghomeshi adds additional commentary, to help put it all in context. Context, is everything. from his remarks at Ryerson University: “We were ready to do a half an hour interview about his, quite frankly, mediocre music, […]

Ghomeshi’s Good Year

Ghomeshi's Good Year

Just like Rodney Dangerfield, it’s tough for Jian Ghomeshi to get any respect. George ended up with the time slot that once was his, while Jian does a show that is basically The Hour on radio but with better guests, though no billboards to promote his dimples, nor live audience to applaud his grand entrance […]

“autograph my gravy?”

Caption: http://houndstv.caTORONTO (HoundsTV) Apr 9, 2009 – Billy Bob enters Massey Hall in Toronto the day after his weird CBC interview as fans and media await. Billy says it’s NOT Canadian audiences that are like “mashed potatoes without gravy.” – IT’S THE INTERVIEWER JIAN Parody Caption: Bite TV host Jason Agnew and special guest star […]

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