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The Hour’s propaganda

The Hour's propaganda

Ryerson Review of Journalism, 2005: Jennifer Dettman, executive producer, helped create the show’s concept by targeting audiences with Stroumbo’s youthful personality. “I suppose that’s cool,” says Stroumbo, “because for the longest time, getting people under the age of 15 engaged on a Newsworld program was rare.” Doyle, on the other hand, argues that no program […]

Billy Bob Thornton underestimated me

A re-visit, and closer look, at the misunderstanding that captured the civilized world’s attention. In this brief version, Jian Ghomeshi adds additional commentary, to help put it all in context. Context, is everything. from his remarks at Ryerson University: “We were ready to do a half an hour interview about his, quite frankly, mediocre music, […]

The Utter Boredom and Bullshit of Jian Ghomeshi

The Utter Boredom and Bullshit of Jian Ghomeshi

The idea existed before he was born. The principle is at the core of most of the shows on both radio and television. Every aspiring journalist and broadcaster knows it instinctively, intuitively. Almost half of what we’re exposed to is the exact same routine. Interview someone famous and you’ll be famous. And it’s all that […]

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