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Richard Stursberg fired

Knowlton Nash

“When Richard was appointed executive vice-president of CBC Television six years ago he brought with him a revolution that shook the foundation of the organization and eventually of the whole of our English services. He challenged every premise, attacked conventional wisdom, and uprooted whole parts of the internal culture. Six years later, the institution is […]

CBC-TV News gets pwned

CBC-TV News gets pwned

It was a major, historic event in downtown Toronto, right next to the CBC building, and TV-watching citizens were asking: where’s the CBC? Quite simply, Twitter & YouTube & TwitPic & Qik kicked the shit out of them. A handful of free tools that didn’t exist 5 years ago just pwned your half-a-century-old billion-dollar National […]

The Rusty Cutrone

The Rusty Cutrone

@mansbridg links to the Urban Dictionary here (NSFW if your coworkers have good eyesight and read over your shoulder).

Richard Switzer

“What cruel, ironic bastard assigned ‘Fall On Your Knees’ to Perdita Felicien?” – Richard Switzer via Twitter on Canada Reads

Dianne Buckner

“i regret to inform you that the term ‘flaming sphincter valve’ is used on Dragons’ Den tonight.” – Dianne Buckner via Twitter

Tweeting hard or hardly tweeting?

Kim Fox in a long meeting

Social media experts in corporate environments don’t seem to spend a lot of time on social media.

Rachel Nixon goes TWAWOL

Rachel Nixon goes TWAWOL

Last seen in the tweet hole on October 30, has the director of New Media for CBC News lost interest?

smthg nasty this way comes

smthg nasty this way comes

Blocked! By NOW Magazine! In other words: NOW you’re BLOCKED! Not me, but the @mondoville acct. What could possibly be the reason? The effrontery of good, fun, forward-thinking journalism, done daily on a shoestring with plenty of digital doodads and gewgaws. The bloody nerve! NOW what’d ya do that for?

TeaMaker Twitter Lists

As everyone knows, we’ve all gone down the tweet hole, as twitter has become the true agenda setting media, especially when it is itself, the subject of discussion. Here at The Tea Makers we’ve been playing with Twitter for a while, especially how it connects to our mission of Mirth, Mayhem, Links, & Quotes. Inspired […]

Andrew Clarke Marking Stories

“But whether the Citizen pulled its punches on the Lansdowne Live proposal or not, this is a story CBC Ottawa should have owned. It didn’t. Oh there are examples of good work done by individual reporters. But the issue never became a station priority. It rarely, if ever, broke new ground on the story.  It’s […]

A thought on making mistakes

Right idea, right deity, wrong CBC

Right idea, right deity, wrong CBC

If you haven’t lost your faith yet…

If you haven't lost your faith yet...

Our friends may not have lost hope, but everyone else around them has. Well at least many of us who have no stake in this shit and shake our heads at the money being spent. Who are we? We are workers, we are management, we are viewers, we are listeners, but mostly we are all […]

Don’t stop believin’

CBC News Network is generating plenty of  work for the online spokesperson for CBC/Radio-Canada.

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