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Will the CBC follow the BBC lead to replace camera people with chimps?

In a bold move the BBC has used primates to shoot an upcoming documentary Unknown at this point whether the CBC will look at this option to increase efficiencies. Reporters may like the idea as the Cameramonkey dresses better and has superior hygenie habits to the current crop of CBC camera people. According to Sir […]

News from the Federal Finance Minister

Flaherty’s deficit plan: Take an axe and cut deep “I’ve done it before. I did it in Ontario.”-Jim Flaherty quoted in the Toronto Star. Stay tuned for updates

RDI n’est pas sur le web. Zut alors!

RDI is no longer live streaming on line.

Is anyone inside the CBC verifying the posted content?

Tuned into the Local CBLT HD portion of the late news from 22:55 Novenber 16, 2009 seem to have some glitches. The micro newscast was plagued with some errors the biggest a replay of the end of the National in SD dropped over Aaron reading the opening story. Peter and Nick Czernkovich happy talked the […]

How many members of the CBC Executive 50% Bonus Club make more than Stephen Harper?

Perhaps like the BEEB we at the CEEB need full Senior Executive Team disclosure: 37 BBC staff earn more than the Prime minister. “Nearly 300 senior managers earning more than £100,000, were kept off the list, The Times has learnt. Some earn more than Gordon Brown. Many are paid more than double the £81,100 earned […]

Consultants overlooked informing CBC.CA

Consultants overlooked informing CBC.CA

Somebody tell the Web nerds that Newsworld no longer exists

A new moniker for Newsworld. Minus content in the title

Didn’t Anne-Marie Mediwake leave Global “to spend more time with her family”?

A look at Montreal’s first second 90-minute newscast

A look at Montreal’s <del>first</del> <ins>second</ins> 90-minute newscast
  • 1% advertising
  • 5% sports
  • 14% weather
  • 3% wire news
  • 20% national news
  • 23% local news
  • 7% filler
  • 23% advertising
  • 4% arts
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