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out-of-paper alarm

Like my grandma always say, “Partrice, ton inbox. c’est plein de fan-mail!” And was she ever right. Some real ‘gems’  (pard0n tha #punzz) have landed in my toujours uber.hyp3r.stuffd inBox. Kud0s to CBCer’s from coast to coast for the insites, insights and inside dizz-0pe. Here are just a c0uple ov recent x-missions! Sicko Toront-oid Pollutes […]

Infomatrix 2.0 beta release!

Infomatrix 2.0 beta release!

Did you know that back in the day, Tea Makers founder and super-insider Ouimet was being hunted down ruthlessly by IT and Senior Management?

Enter the Infomatrix!

Aloha #nerds, @nerdettes and 1eetSpeekrz alike! Patrice Nortel here, freshly drafted by Ouimet to hit the Teamakers technology beat! OK, here goes … More @Penne Noodles in #Styrofoam Please! Looks like every Toronto CBCer’s favourite place to meet and eat is moving into that big cyber-atrium we call the web. OOH LA LA is now […]

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