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Tweeting hard or hardly tweeting?

Social media experts in corporate environments don’t seem to spend a lot of time on social media.

Matthew Hays

“Canada needs Conan O’Brien, and he needs a new late-night venue. This would be a marriage made in media heaven, a win-win scenario for a brilliant comedy trailblazer and a nation in dire need of a pop-culture shot in the arm.” – Matthew Hays Memo to the CBC: Hire Conan

George Sloppydroopypants

Sing a-long.

Hockey Thugs Aren’t Only On The Ice

CBC Exec Threatens Globe & Mail When Don Cherry, a hero of free speech to millions, is recorded saying the word “fuck”, it is apparently a very big deal. For CBC’s Scott Moore it’s enough to make him threaten to ex-communicate the Globe & Mail if they mention having heard it. Last December, 680 News […]

The heart of rock and roll

The new Prada shoes of Flash Master Kevin O’Leary.

Getting Mugged

Yes, Bill, it is a bit cryptic. In fact, no one knows what the hell it’s supposed to mean.

James Wicks

I got a call from a local TV station in Miami offering me the job of primary anchor. I wasn’t sure about it. My heart was at CBC in so many ways. I turned to a close group of associates for advice and counsel. One of those that I asked was Peter Mansbridge. We met […]

Republic Of Boyle

Paul McGrath

It makes me wonder why making changes to a broadcast schedule evokes such an overwhelming reaction. I don’t mean to dismiss it, I simply think it’s puzzling, I don’t get it. It seems so disporportionate to what’s happened. Maybe you have an explanation? – Paul McGrath gives up on blogging altogether

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

There’s nothing Colleen Jones won’t do to try to remain relevant with her morning peeps Except be original of course.

From NBC to CBC

For years we have blamed the CBC of hanging on to dead shows.  Kristine Layfield says there is “growth potential” for shows that don’t do well off the bat.  What about a show that is six years old but still shows no growth year after year like The Hour ?  What about other shows that need improvement, […]

Matthew Ingram

“There are plenty of things I’m not going to miss about working at the Globe, particularly in its ancient Front Street headquarters — including the often underwhelming cafeteria, as well as the world’s slowest elevator, the moldy carpeting, a distinct lack of windows and a lighting system that wouldn’t look out of place in a […]

Three bloggers could do a better Hour

If you took three bloggers and put them on national television hosting an hour-long show every night for months and years, they would get better ratings than The Hour. Is that fair to say? It seems obvious. How hard is it to host a television show? It isn’t for everyone, true, but there are teenagers […]

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