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Elect The CBC

Elect The CBC

If Mesley, Mansbridge and the whole lot of them are so gung ho on public broadcasting, why don’t they quit and run for Federal office? Nothing could be easier or more effective to bolster funding for the CBC. It’s a given that celebrities are easily elected. People assume they know them almost personally. All that’s […]

In Bizarro World, The CBC Is Ironically Still Called The CBC

In Bizarro World, The CBC Is Ironically Still Called The CBC

Are you not familar with Bizarro world ?  Perhaps you should watch the clip I posted. We always complain about ‘the usuals’  at the CBC.  The offenders of boring shows that rely on American B-list celebrities or the no-talent hacks that make it on the air and stay there, because the CBC is like a girlfriend that […]

Spot The Difference – The Onion vs the New National

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Can’t Add, But So Darn Cute

Can't Add, But So Darn Cute

Leave it to Wendy to find a new angle on a story. We have one too. Was teaching math to Wendy Mesley a waste of time? In a feature segment on last night’s The National, Wendy looked at how much the U.S. spends on NASA compared to how much it spends on education. She found […]

Jim Henshaw

“Jesus fucking Christ, Wendy! You’re better than this! You already divorced this Mansbridge assclown once! What’re you doing co-signing his bullshit? You used to be one of the CBC’s best reporters. Why are you suddenly trying to become the next Samantha Bee?”

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