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A Complaint, Under The Constitution Of PoonGirl

  The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself. – Benjamin Franklin.     Question:  Why do The TeaMakers say this before posting ?  – “However, before pressing send, read it out loud to yourself. What would your mother think of that?” Umm, ok, I don’t care […]

Prisoner 18330-424 Writes About The CBC

Some people have been more vociferous in their criticism of the CBC television service than I have, but few have been more consistent. In fairness to the Corporation, it has been given a very difficult mandate: to create and buy programs, provide public service broadcasting, run a comprehensive news network, encourage Canadian television production, sell […]

…and don’t forget Norman Bethune

Today President Hubert asked China’s ambassador to Canada to unblock CBC.ca and radio-canada.ca, which it has been doing for several months at least. This is a pretty bold move by the president and I applaud him for it. I also wonder how far he’s willing to take this. Would he sacrifice our Olympic broadcasts to […]

It’s a Bellglobemedia world, we just live in it

I guess this is nice for shareholders and stakeholders and Ben Mulroney, but for audiences, and (dare I say it?) free speech and democracy, it’s rotten. That’s why America has laws against this kind of thing. Still to come is CanWests’ move, or possibly Rogers’. So we’re looking at 2 big commercial media corporations in […]

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