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A Review From The Future

Is it possible to write a review of a television show that one hasn’t even seen yet? A show that hasn’t even been completely made yet? In October, eight months from now, Doc Zone will start a new season with an episode entitled “Information Overload”. We’ll venture a guess and say that it’s about technology […]

Me & L. R.

In 1969, Lou Reed looked right at me He and I go way back. A little more than 40 years to be exact. We met at a drab hotel on Denman Street in Vancouver, overlooking English Bay. Lou and I sat on the floor, him eating from a box of Sunkist Raisins while  I held […]

Hold a camera, ask a question

(full version) The CBC News, somewhat less than state-of-the-art coverage of the big, bad internet. “So let me ask you this. Tony, on camera, and I have, combined, 50 years experience in media. Do you think it’s possible that user-generated content, (is) something that can compete with what we do?” ~ Jennifer Hollett, talking head, […]

Happy Valentine’s Day, PoonGirl

It’s taking an unusual step to address a fellow blogger directly in a post but … this seems like a most appropriate time to say that your contribution at Tea Makers has brought so much joy to all of us. Truly, you light up our lives. Personally, you become only more endearing when you interrupt […]

From Daft To Deft

It’s a bit stunning actually, for a channel that’s been virtually comatose since its inception, even after an expensive and failed re-branding. In a scoop by, CBCNN announces that The Lang & O’Leary Exchange is being expanded to a full hour. Even better, it’s moving to a time slot where people might actually be […]

Natural Woman

Gotta love Suhana Marchand. She’s such an informal news anchor, and yet so easily trusted and liked. As if she were your next door neighbour and best friend. Without pretence or urgency she often puts the news in perspective with simple common sense. One of the few redeeming aspects of the dull-as-watching-paint-dry CBC News Network. […]

Only a mark would invest money in The Mark

That’s odd. A Dragon usually asks how much money a venture has made so far and/or what are the realistic projected revenues before they’ll invest their hard earned cash. Not so, apparently, for Arlene Dickinson, who is one of the investors in the “new” web site “The Mark“. We use the word “new” because it’s […]

The View Up Here

It could be a lot of fun and very interesting if Mary Walsh were to actually produce a Canadian version of The View. So many fascinating women to choose from for the panel. But the question is, would they be capable of interviewing Al Gore, Woody Allen, Salman Rushdie, Hulk Hogan, Billy Bob Thornton and […]

So life-like that it’s eerie

Sarah Palin with The Fonz

The Real Thing

Aamer Haleem. Smart, funny, laid-back, unassuming. Watch his goofy demo reel. See how his talent was wasted by the CBC on the misguided “The Point”. Afterwards, ask yourself, “could this guy host “Q”?”, “could this guy host “The Hour”?” Any producer who took this mature and playful television host and put interesting guests in front […]

Marion Lewis

“At the meeting we were served pizza and some wild actor guy in makeup came into the room wearing buckskin and fringe- it was not Moses Znaimer. Next we were shown photos of a boring CBC set and asked to comment on the costume and the set from the point of view of the ‘young […]

face it, Canada, you’re boring

You underestimate yourself, Jian

Stalking the CBC

How many Facebook and Twitter accounts and blogs does Tod Maffin have about the CBC? The answer: Not enough.

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