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During your interviews, George, do you ever get a Stromboner?

PoonGirl has it in her head to interview Stroumbo. I don’t know what she wants to ask him, but I’m sure the result would be interesting. I also don’t think it’s likely to happen. Although there are dozens of interviews with George strewn across YouTube, every one of them have something in common. George’s butt […]


“I’m going to be leaving this blog for a long while.” – PoonGirl shitcans self

Happy Valentine’s Day, PoonGirl

Happy Valentine's Day, PoonGirl

It’s taking an unusual step to address a fellow blogger directly in a post but … this seems like a most appropriate time to say that your contribution at Tea Makers has brought so much joy to all of us. Truly, you light up our lives. Personally, you become only more endearing when you interrupt […]

Sometimes its better not say anything at all!

Sometimes its better not say anything at all!

Oww! I shot myself in the poon!


“Allan this should be put in the upper right hand corner of the blog!” -Poongirl in Affordable Housing

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