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Howard Bernstein

“The Canadian news channels have to share a small band of Canadian reporters and a ludicrously tiny few international reporters with the main network they are attached to. If a story breaks anywhere outside of Canada they are ill prepared at best and hopelessly over matched as a rule. When Haiti broke did anyone tune […]

From Daft To Deft

From Daft To Deft

It’s a bit stunning actually, for a channel that’s been virtually comatose since its inception, even after an expensive and failed re-branding. In a scoop by insidecbc.com, CBCNN announces that The Lang & O’Leary Exchange is being expanded to a full hour. Even better, it’s moving to a time slot where people might actually be […]


“[A]s long as that Grey Power ad, the most irritating commercial on TV, continues to run incessantly, I’m tuning out”

In her own words: McGuire on CBCNN

Transcript of interview with Jennifer McGuire