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I’m actually Joe Clark. Fake Ouimet is merely a username.

Editorial interference at the Tea Makers

The only Tea Makers contributor who has ever altered the sense of another contributor’s work has now cemented that right in their own exclusive hands. I’m looking at you, Alphonse Ouimet

‘The CBC should know better’

“What really bugs me is the fake handoffs between national and local”

Blistering, eviscerating, relentless

The worst press CBC has received in living memory at Legion of Decency

Bill Brioux

The large glass table top, set in the antiseptic, brightly-lit blue, white and red set, made it look like a perfume counter at the Bay or a really cool Shoppers Drug Mart”

Stag ’n’ DIN

CBC News Network’s new onscreen graphics

Canwest owes CBC $35K

Canwest owes CBC $35,809.46

Sharp-dressed Lamb

David Michael Lamb: CBC’s best-dressed man?

CTV ‘journalists’ to carry Olympic flame. And guess who else?

“[O]n-air people from Global and CBC” to carry Olympic torch


“[A]s long as that Grey Power ad, the most irritating commercial on TV, continues to run incessantly, I’m tuning out”

Mr. Dressup

Denise LaFrance’s painting of Ernie Coombs, Casey, Finnegan

Sticker shock

CBC goes apeshit over Al Strachan’s book on the Leafs

CBCNN onscreen graphics now hung like a horse

CBCNN’s new font is Stag

Liveblogging apologia

Why yesterday’s news spectacular wasn’t liveblogged

Paul Mcgrath’s high standards

Hollywood Reporter: CBC rebrands CBS Newsworld,” says Paul Mcgrath