Richard Stursburg thinks you’re stupid

Terribly sorry to bother you with another link to Medium Close Up, but, well you really need to read this guest post by an anonymous CBC journalist on the expansion of local CBC news:

Journalists at the CBC don’t swallow this crap, but most are too busy to have time to think about what’s happening around them. They know the leadership in news serves at the pleasure of Richard Stursberg – and that’s why the leadership team is considered to be the weakest ever assembled at the public broadcaster. They know that the entire news division is teetering on the brink and ready to collapse under the constant, unending pressure to do more, more, more.

It would be nice if someone, anyone, in the executive offices would speak up and say they’re willing to take responsibility for the changes. Would anyone be willing to put their job on the line if this “thrilling” opportunity should turn into a colossal failure? Is there any way to measure success or failure?

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