Hannah Sung and the Half-Baked Tweet

  • HannahSung: Denise: Journalists used to spend spare time drinking but now spend it blogging. Kicking it old/new school at the same time

    Read carefully: Hannah Sung is drunk. Call me old-fashioned, but nothing is sadder or more tedious than a drunk with an iPhone. Drunk with a revolver? Now we’re talking.

  • zoic: CBC Radio is having a call-in about summer-camp romances and I just_don’t_have_time to call in right now and tell our awesome love story

    But plenty of time to write this awesome tweet. What kind of summer camp are you at, anyways?

  • lederhouse: I’m intrigued by yoru take on online co.’s and HST; can you drop me a line ASAP? Craig at CBC Radio 6014-662-6809

    I’m not a fan of this new trend of journalists sending their phone numbers into the tweethole. I repost this one in an effort to shame Craig Lederhouse and also in the hopes that someone will call him up with their own take on online co.’s and HST, ASAP. You might even get on the radio!

  • How to Become a Social Media Maven: Part One

    todmaffin: Anyone in TO interested in a casual tweetup tonight with a few CBC-TV folks? Topics: Social media, being more in touch w/social media, etc.?

    Engage audience via Twitter. Name drop without naming names to make self seem vaguely important.

    How to Become a Social Media Maven: Part Two

    Barbara_W: Being a blogger that promotes a CBC show[...] that sounds like something I would love to do

    Make sure it’s a topic that will interest your loyal audience. Take some satisfaction in watching them beg for your attention and the attention of the big names you vaguely allude to. Evaluate the social capital of the responses. Let simmer.

    How to Become a Social Media Maven: Part Three

    todmaffin: Thanks to everyone who replied about the tweetup in Toronto. We’ll probably do it in a couple of weeks. :)

    Attention from community attained. Social capital gained. Mission accomplished.

    Back out quietly and gracefully. Ignore your previous message of “tonight,” swap in “a couple of weeks.” Maybe no one will notice? Employ smiley face as necessary exit strategy.

    Note: “tweetup” in this case means “kick in the balls and/or ovaries.”

  • steveprattca: I’ve just been trashed on the Tea Makers blog for “hoping to reach an entire planet with weird Canadian music”!

    “Trashed” is a bit harsh. “Served“ is more apt.

  • rahelab: I gave the fellow a piece of my mind

    Boy, there’s something you don’t get every day! The opinion of a green-tinged-avatared content strategist on Twitter! Call the newspaper!

  • kathyenglish: I am registering on Twitter to learn about its journalistic purpose

    Thanks for the warning, but no need to be so formal. By the way, I am making fun of you to reinforce my belief that I’m more clever than you are.

  • progers71: The one bad thing about summer – not enough Mansbridge, but I guess he has earned a break. We are lucky to have him when we do

    Please don’t feed his ego. It’s already big enough as it is.

  • ruk: Wondering why CBC Radio is delayed 3 seconds[....]

    Hey, nerd, here’s a tip: turn off one of your doodads. Or, better yet, get a girlfriend and let her turn them off.

  • CalgaryReads: If you can read this, you cano help a child who wants to

    Public service message from Yoda this tweet is.

  • RosieDManno: My loins stirrety & bosoms heaveth @ your avatar, @petermansbridg. Care for a game of strip laser tag? Neocons shirts, nonpartisans skins

    Everyone knows that when fake Twitter accounts make love, the entire Internet makes love with them.


  1. The Tweet Makersjoined July 8, 2009
    Posted July 30, 2009 at 11:12 am | #

    Thanks Denise. I fixed it. You’re not going to charge me for that copyediting, are you?

  2. Posted July 30, 2009 at 10:47 am | #

    Just wondering: how does the shame level of half-drunk internetting compare to the shame level of misspelling someone’s name when it’s in the screen grab you’re posting?

  3. Andrea
    Posted July 29, 2009 at 7:05 pm | #

    Brilliant, as usual.

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