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Aamer Haleem

That’s it, I’m coming out of retirement. Where’s my “Will work for $45 million” sign? — Aamer Haleem via Twitter

CBC doesn’t want you to know who’s taking a bite out of The Hour’s pie

Why can’t we see who’s doing what on The Hour?

Why the CBC’s integrated newsroom is bad for news


Tea Makers infiltrated by Scientologists

Today’s unwanted banner ad: Scientology


The question surrounding George and The Hour is: What happens when sex no longer sells?

All my life, I’ve dreamed of becoming a content provider

There comes a particularly sad moment in the amateur video shot by Maffin and referred to in the Link Farm to your right. It happens at one minute and five seconds into the piece when the kindly John Michel utters the words … “as we move forward to being a content driven company …” He […]

But, God, Moses Znaimer is such a dick

Dear Jesus, keep Moses Znaimer as far away from CBC as you possibly can

24-minute tour of Johnny Michel’s blue shirt & tie

Tod Maffin tours CBC Vancouver

Stagnant Strombo

I know what you’re thinking, George. You think that come October you can waltz back into the studio and bebop your way through another season of The Hour. Such an easy formula by now that you could practically do it blindfolded. (just a figure of speech, George, because of course if you were blindfolded you […]

Compare and contrast

How does the NFB use “social media”? Now how does the Corpse?

BikerPlanet brings you the Tea Makers

One of today’s unwanted banner ads

Are the CBC Facebook Police putting the screws to Tod Maffin?

Tod Maffin registers vanity usernames on Facebook. CBC notices

‘Too many CBC Twitter accounts’

“We had a Facebook page with 400 plus followers, there was zero content on the page,” she wrote in an email “And we said ‘come on,’ what a missed opportunity.”

Canadian woodcuts

Four woodcuts by Lisa Brawn

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