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Front page of the Tubby today: A full-on diary of putting on an episode of Hockey Night in Canada, complete with infographic. Great coverage for something that isn’t an Asper property. (Canwest Global Brings You Cialis® Hockey Night in Canada?)

Ivan Fecan, let’s make a deal!

However, Fecan said CTV has offered to sell several of its money-losing stations for a nominal fee of $1. It’s had no takers.“That speaks volumes,” he said. Dear Ivan Fecan It has always been a dream of mine to be a broadcast mogul, and it seems I am finally in a position to realize that […]

Cowardice, thy name is NYTPicker?

The de facto Tea Makers of the New York Times, the NYTPicker, explains why he, she, it, or they remain anonymous (really, pseudonymous): Our goal was – and is – to offer information you can’t get anywhere else. We’ve broken news stories…, reported on patterns… and spotlighted the career paths of little-known NYT personnel…. We […]

And there’s gonna be laundry?

Tweethole stimulus package

Welcome back, web 2.0 social media fans! Unfortunately, there are no twitter blockings to report this week. But we roll in stealth mode these days, ie: not logged in, so we might’ve missed one. If you’re blocking us, or spot a prime tweethole in the wild, be sure to DM @teamakers so we can get […]

Things to do (while you wait for CBC to lay you off)

stockpile pens and note pads book all the massage therapy your benefits will cover take your lunch hour drink on your lunch hour drag out story meetings with inane anecdotes about your kids and/or pets have the office affair you thought shouldn’t (or wouldn’t) have your best suit dry-cleaned

Radio station in Barrie going nowhere fast

But once the money starts raining down again, Jeff Keay assures us, the Corpse will be well situated to leap into the void.

Forum: Reporting in Afghanistan

Anna Maria Tremonti, Susan Ormiston, photojournalist Louie Palu, and Globe correspondent Graeme Smith discuss “the challenges facing foreign and local reporters, the pros and cons of embedded reporting, and the role of reporting in shaping Canadian policy and public opinion.” Glenn Gould, April 29, 12:30 (RSVP required).

More With Less

I still remember that visit by Harold Reddekopp in 1995. The real reason I remember the day so vividly is that I accidentally bit into some sort of fishy croissant sandwich that seemed tasty on the tray. Not wanting to seem uncouth in the presence of quasi-CBC-royalty I managed to swallow the foul-tasting bite but […]

CBC management’s latest reality show piloted in Sudbury

Hits to the hinterlands mean half the jobs and half the staff at the ceebs in the Nickel City. Tune in as CBC management issues the ultimate northern challenge: the CBC Sudbury station still doesn’t know where its cuts will fall, but it must submit a plan for what future programming will look like. Watch […]

Enter the Infomatrix!

Aloha #nerds, @nerdettes and 1eetSpeekrz alike! Patrice Nortel here, freshly drafted by Ouimet to hit the Teamakers technology beat! OK, here goes … More @Penne Noodles in #Styrofoam Please! Looks like every Toronto CBCer’s favourite place to meet and eat is moving into that big cyber-atrium we call the web. OOH LA LA is now […]

Billy . . . Bob . . . Thornton!

But how can you expect to manage the CBC on wine that is LESS than $65 a bottle?

Kevin Gaudet, of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, sums up the mood of a country … “That organization has a culture of excess at the executive level and they shouldn’t be surprised when parliamentarians and taxpayers want automatically to say no when they come back cap-in-hand asking for more money.”


Peter MacNeill is one of the most accomplished actors in Canada.He is respected by every other actor in the country.You saw him on the 11th Hour. Never used at his full potential.He’s had bit roles in many Hollywood-type movies, ones mostly shot in Canada.You may have seen him in Kevin Costner’s Open Range, or as […]

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