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New Age Suggestion Box

CBC’s official blog calls for submissions on how to save money at the CBC.Hey, that’s “my” job!

Overload is a formula for failure

Everyone hates the overcluttered screen with too many banners and a rotating earth-except management and Magid and Magid just wants to take more of Richard’s money.Now a whole slew of studies show what everyone in the newsrooms know, the public hates it as well and the clutter is driving the audience away.Overload! Journalism’s battle for […]

CBC vs. Government

Questionable CBC expenses might be small change compared to the Conservative government which is probably why the opposition parties warn that the Conservatives are prepping the public for the inevitable and Timothy Casgrain will explain everything to the new heritage minister when he’s damn good and ready.And not a minute before.You a-holes.

"I knew the CBC had been looking at my blog"

CBC Maritimes is looking for a good internet story.So stop pedaling, John, and make up your mind.

Party’s over at CBC, says network chief

Alright, who told the Canadian Press about the partying?

"entirely innuendo"

Lanny Davis is very touchy about the Clintons, and will not suffer idle remarks.Especially from The Current.

"We’re taking over the radio, the Internet and the TV shows"

Richmond, B.C., students will have their hands on the controls at CBC on November 26, serving as both reporters and producers for the various aspects of media production.Writing indignant letters to Montreal reporters will still be left to Hubert.

Metro Morning – Toronto

What it looks like. But you guessed that already.

Someone still looking for a pay-off?

Reporters Without Borders join in the effort to free Melissa Fung’s driver.Didn’t our Prime MInister say that all laws were being followed?

Rumours swirl like flakes in a November snowstorm

The “Festivus Echo Chamber Miracle in The TBC Atrium,” commonly known as the “CBC Christmas Party,” has been canceled, as have all corporate-sponsored parties from sea to sea to sea. Cuts come to CBC News on Nov. 26. Fecan’s Folly II: Richard’s RevengeThe National will be moved to 11 o’clock to make room for Stursberg’s […]

We’re gonna pop off on ’em!

The gloves are off comrades. A skulk of foxes has filled the vacuum left by Fake Ouimet and our mission is to pester and harass the bosses. The irony of course was that our lovely friend and seductress Alphonse Ouimet was once a boss. Maybe she’s still a boss. I never ask. She and I […]

Gloomy economy could be a ratings winner

Based on data from time use surveys, Robinson projects that TV viewing might increase significantly as the economy worsens in the next few months and years.“Through good and bad economic times, our diary studies, have consistently found that work is the major activity correlate of higher TV viewing hours,” Robinson says. “As people have progressively […]

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