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“It is true that the new National does seem to be shedding viewers and that the new Radio 2 is an abject failure. Perhaps its time to replace the generic Teamakers bitchery with a more focussed look at what those two projects have in common. Or, rather, who they have in common.” -Anonymous, Why We […]


The question surrounding George and The Hour is: What happens when sex no longer sells?

We’re gonna pop off on ’em!

The gloves are off comrades. A skulk of foxes has filled the vacuum left by Fake Ouimet and our mission is to pester and harass the bosses. The irony of course was that our lovely friend and seductress Alphonse Ouimet was once a boss. Maybe she’s still a boss. I never ask. She and I […]

Search Engine vs Anonymous

Search Engine tries to bait Anonymous. And fails.We are Anonymous.We are legion.We do not forgive.We do not forget.We know the CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices better than Jesse Brown.Expect us.

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