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An important message from President Hubert: Standing up to criticism with a clear agenda

I have been reading a lot of nasty, out-of-context stuff recently about our senior executives in the papers owned by our competitors, notably a series of articles in The Sun and Le Journal de Montréal. This Corporation prides itself on its accountability and responsible use of its limited resources, particularly since 60 per cent of […]

“The CBC clearly isn’t living in the same austere times as the Canwests and CTVs of the world,” a government source said.

Metal Heads

Q is for Quantum

Ghomeshi moonlights at National Post“They could’ve called the film Gluten of Melancholy and we would still all flock to the megaplexes like baby goats needing a teat.” Teats & gluten. Some are positively gluttons for both.

“It fits nicely with my short attention span.”

Much Much Much More Matt

“Happy staff make happy TV”

CBC among the top 25 employers in Ottawa.

National Post on guard for thee

Barbara Kay and the Post take pride in overseeing the CBC for “lapses of journalistic ethics” and “purposeful deceptions”.It’s also clear to them that Radio-Canada (Quebec) audiences have “political naiveté and critical passivity”, especially when it comes to “anti-Zionist agitprop”.

The CTV memo

This was sent out to CTV staff today, Nov. 18, 2008 To All Staff The current financial situation has affected all of us. Along with Canada and the world markets, our industry is no exception. The worldwide financial situation is causing sharp decreases in advertising spending and even the potential bankruptcy of some of our […]

‘Hardcore close-ups of ring-kissing action’

And more!This is how television shows, like The Tudors, deserve to be reviewed.Charlie Brooker (BBC 4) takes TV criticism from The Guardian to the screen in his clever show Screenwipe. It’s not available in Canada, but many scenes can be viewed at YouTube.

Digit Denial

CBC reporter insists he did not give Saskatchewan Mayor “the finger”.

$80,000 expense tab is “very low”

Sylvain Lafrance, executive vice-president for CBC French services, expenses $80,000 in 2006, $30,000 of it to charity. But that’s not “sponsorship”.

Crusty curmudgeon complains about R2

Yeah, I know. But this one has charts.

Feds finger family to free Fung

Mellissa Fung to Anna Maria Tremonti: “I now understand that Afghan intelligence had sort of fingered the family of the ringleader of this gang and had arrested a whole bunch of them, and it was a prisoner exchange that they agreed to release the family if the group would release me, and that’s what ended […]

The Ghost of Tod Maffin

As if a crypt had been opened, CBC’s “official” blog Inside The CBC has risen to life once more, and, so far, a pale imitation of the original.Tod Maffin awkwardly denies that it’s him. (Just someone using his password)Could he have known that something was up, when in February he wrote … The CBC has […]

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