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The CBC Has Become Synonymous With Fakery

The CBC Has Become Synonymous With Fakery

We’re getting accustomed to lies. Our own public broadcaster not only condones it but also encourages it as a necessary step on the path to success in today’s media-rich world. Jian Ghomeshi and Tod Maffin are the shining examples of how far people who work at the CBC will go to deceive the public. Jian […]

We’re gonna pop off on ’em!

The gloves are off comrades. A skulk of foxes has filled the vacuum left by Fake Ouimet and our mission is to pester and harass the bosses. The irony of course was that our lovely friend and seductress Alphonse Ouimet was once a boss. Maybe she’s still a boss. I never ask. She and I […]

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