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Old CBC magazine ads

Still more promotional nostalgia from Jamie Bradburn, including a nice one from one of our competitors. Click the ads to see larger versions and to read Jamie’s notes, which are well worthwhile. More of his ads here and here and here and here.

Words at Large blog launches

Blogging hero Joe Mahoney is a contributor to the CBC’s new Words at Large literary blog, bringing him that much closer from lockout boatrocker to responsible CBC employee and public intellectual. Not to put too fine a point on it, but its because of people like Joe that the CBC is using blogs as much […]

Studio alteration of the week

I’ve been primarily picked

Internal CBC newsletter Prime Picks went meta this afternoon, riffing on me in response to my Grapevine/Prime Picks spoof earlier this week. Pity the poor CBC employee who now has to read 40 missives from 20 places just to get the in-jokes. I haven’t been this proud since I was in the CMG word jumble […]

Renegade promotion of the week

Vidcap of the week

Leaked: CTV “Goldmine”

At the CBC we have an internal newsletter called “The Grapevine” which is chock full of, er…. Ok you got me. I never read it. But it turns out that CTV has a similar publication, called “The Goldmine” leaked to me by a gruntled CTV employee. I had to pay $12 for it, but I […]

Joe finds me patronizing

Now Joe Clark has spent much of his life working on making media accessible to those who don’t hear or see very well, if at all. And for some time he’s been trying to get a research project off the ground, that would write, test, and develop training for a new set of media accessibility […]

Vidcap of the week

CBC love

I admit I didn’t really get myspace. I mean, sure, social networking. Friends linking to each other. So what? The only thing myspace would appear to be good for is spotting douches, for which it is fertile ground. But now that I see Justin Beach’s CBC Love myspace site, I’m starting to get it. As […]


In times like this cooler heads prevail, so let’s all work together to get back online. In this spirit here are the instructions from my Troubleshooting Guide: Problem: My website doesn’t work. Make sure your server is plugged in and turned on. Did this solve your problem? YES | NOIf NO, go to […]

Jozi-H promotion

Sharp-eyed man in the street and Tea Makers regular commenter Johnny Happypants points out these promotional oddities less than a block away from the CBC: Who knew our boring old publicists would be replaced by cool, paste-toting vandals? And why are the “sexy… hard-hitting” quotes not sourced? And why doesn’t the web link go to […]

Allan: John, Paul, Ringo and … George

Another submission from regular Tea Makers commenter and undercover operative Allan.Enjoy.~O In the audience for the Halloween taping of The Hour, and I admit there’s really only one question on my mind. Is this guy for real? If I had wanted to critique the show I could have stayed at home, but I needed to […]

Celebrating 70 years of crisis

The CBC was created 70 years ago today, on Nov 2, 1936. Actually, its genesis goes back a little further than that. Graham Spry and Alan Plaunt were public broadcasting activists and lobbyists before the terms were even invented. Spry was clever, well-connected, well-spoken and charismatic. Plaunt was just as clever and connected and he […]

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